Online Dating: Tired Of Sending Out Thoughtful Messages That Get Completely Ignored?

Online Dating: Tired Of Sending Out Thoughtful Messages That Get Completely Ignored?

It’s frustrating to take the time to read a girl’s dating profile and send out a thoughtful message in reference to something that she included in her profile, only to have her completely ignore your message.

This is even compounded when it keeps happening over and over again with different girls.

Your frustration is understandable.

You are not the only guy that goes through this. Many guys do.

In fact, some of these guys reach a point where they have become so tired and frustrated that they start copy and pasting generic messages such as “Hey” in rebellion.

After all, they don’t see the need to keep taking the time and effort to send thoughtful messages to women who are completely ignoring their messages.

No need to take it this far.

Copy and pasting generic messages guarantee that you don’t receive the responses that you are hoping to get.

Try to understand something.

Women aren’t always available to chat with you.

They are the most sought after gender on dating sites.

This provides a multitude of dating options.

Many of these girls are already talking to certain guys that they are most interested in.

This means that their attention is going to be focused on those guys.

It could be one guy that has their full attention or more.

Although you sent a thoughtful message, she is not at a place where she is able to give that message her full attention.

She could have missed it in her inbox.

If she read it, she could have loved it but realized that her plate at the current moment is too full.

She isn’t able to give you the kind of attention that you deserve.

She decides not to reply.

She isn’t trying to be rude.

It’s just a matter of logistics.

If she were to send a kind rejection message to every guy that messaged her on a dating site, she would never get off her smartphone or computer.

She can come around.

Online dating is a numbers game.

Not every connection bears fruit.

Many women find themselves back at square one when they thought a guy was the one.

This is her moment to look at other messages that she has been receiving.

Don’t be afraid to send her a thoughtful message once a week even if she has seemingly ignored them.

As long as she isn’t blocking you, you aren’t someone that she is turned off by.

If circumstances allow, she could eventually respond.

Now, something else that you should think about is in making a change to the thoughtful messages that you send.

You are most likely sending the same kind of message in terms of tone and topic.

Change it up.

Instead of being so serious in your messages, be more lighthearted and crack a joke.

Yes, maintain the thoughtfulness of the message but don’t hesitate to throw in some humor in relation to the topic that you are drawing attention to in your message.

For example, if you want to send a thoughtful message that addresses one of her hobbies, don’t forget to add some anecdotal humor about a funny experience that you had while participating in said hobby or some trivia information about that hobby that is humorous.

Adding a funny anecdotal story to your thoughtful message or funny trivia can work wonders in making the recipient feel good about reading your message.

By making her laugh, chuckle or even just smile, you have instantly made yourself personable.

It makes her think that you would be a fun person to start a conversation with and this often leads to a response to your message.

Add this humor component to the thoughtful messages that you send to girls on dating sites and watch your response rate soar.