Online Dating: Why Do Folks Feel The Need To Mention How They Are Always Living Active Lives And Always On The Run?

Online Dating: Why Do Folks Feel The Need To Mention How They Are Always Living Active Lives And Always On The Run?

They are trying to attract someone who also lives an active lifestyle.

It may be a turn off to you perhaps due to the possibility that you don’t lead an active lifestyle.

That is understandable.

However, do remember that people join online dating sites in search of a match.

Not everyone is looking for the same qualities in a romantic match.

A person who isn’t always on the run may have a lot more of a casual approach to their lifestyle.

Perhaps they may even prefer staying at home for their entertainment as opposed to getting out there and engaging in various activities.

If this is the kind of person that you are, there is no shame in that.

This is what works for you.

The folks that keep yammering about living active lives know that they wouldn’t match with someone who has a more sedentary approach to how they spend their spare time.

If you aren’t trying to be with someone who is always on the run, it would be best for you to avoid these dating profiles.

Now, you may feel as though you keep running into dating profiles like this no matter how much you try to avoid them.

This may be causing your temperature to boil up.

After all, you are looking for a suitable match too.

Encountering all these dating profiles of folks who keep mentioning how they are always living active lives and always on the run can start getting a little irritating after a while.

Can’t you just find someone who just wants to chill on the couch with a big bag of Doritos and watch reruns of The Office?

Is that too much to ask for?

Your frustration is duly noted.

Indeed, you can find people who are more about the sedentary lifestyle than anything else.

They most certainly exist.

It is just that you may not be on a dating site that caters to that crop of people.

It is always a good idea to be on at least three different dating sites when you first start out with online dating.

This will give you a wider berth of people that you could possibly match with.

If you discover that one dating site has a bunch of folks who are seemingly obsessed with living an active lifestyle, another dating site may have members who are a lot more like you are, more chill and sedentary in how they go about living their lives.

Something else that could help you is to think about the kind of sedentary activities that appeal to you the most.

Being that you have more of a sedentary lifestyle, there may be a TV show that you really love watching or a particular dish that you really love cooking or a particular video game that you really love to play.

You should think about going into the online space to look for people who have the same affinity.

You may find them in websites that are strictly there for people who love to cook a particular dish or love a particular TV show or video game.

In virtual environments like these, you may find it a lot easier to encounter people who live more sedentary lifestyles.

If they are into a particular TV show, there is a good chance that they are into several others.

If they love to cook a particular dish at home, there is a good chance that they love to cook others.

If they love to play a particular video game, there is a good chance that they love to play others.

This could be heaven to you.

This could be where you can connect with people who are just like you.

Sometimes, a traditional online dating site may not necessarily be the answer to finding your romantic match.

Sometimes, you may simply need to find the online spaces in which people like you congregate and engage.