Online Dating: Overly Flattering First Messages?

Online Dating: Overly Flattering First Messages?

Some people believe that by being overly flattering in the first message that they send you, they will have a higher likelihood of getting you to respond.

Many men on dating sites have a hard time getting women to respond to their messages.

Oftentimes, they ultimately resort to sending overly flattering first messages in the hopes that this will get a woman to finally respond to them.

They are most likely doing this for just about every woman that they are messaging at this point.

Thinking that you are special, thanks to these overly flattering first messages, would do you a disservice.

The online dating space is fraught with desperate men who are trying to get women to respond to them and give them some attention.

The newer you are to online dating, the higher the likelihood that you will be at the receiving end of messages like this.

These men know that you are new and they are hoping that they can grab your attention before you have been on the dating site long enough to understand just how it works and the kind of power that you have.

These are men who are trying too hard.

If you are looking for your best possible match, giving in to the empty flattery will not put you on that path.

The most desirable men are the ones who have taken the time to look at what you had to say in your online dating profile and choose to send you a message in relation to it.

In that substantive message, if the man decides to throw in a word or two of flattery, that would be fine.

As long as the majority of his message is concerned with trying to get to know you better, based off of specific information that you included in your dating profile, you may have a keeper.

However, the men that start their correspondence with you on an dating site by diving head first into giving you overly flattering first messages that have no bearing on the information that you included in your dating profile are often the men to avoid.

Overly flattering first messages tend to be copy and pasted by these desperate men.

It is a lot easier to copy and paste an overly flattering message like, “Hello Gorgeous,” to a myriad of women on an online dating site than it would be for the man to send messages that are tailored towards asking or referencing something that is specific to that woman’s individual dating profile.

This is often how you know that you are dealing with men that are merely playing the numbers.

They are sending multiple generic first messages bearing the exact same words of flattery in the hopes that somewhere in there, they may get some women to respond.

When you are new to online dating, you may not know all of this.

But now you do.

The flattery may initially make you feel good and boost your confidence but these are merely empty words that have been robotically sent to dozens of other women.

Stick to men who are showing true signs of trying to get to know you as a person and you will have a better chance of finding your perfect match.