Online Dating: Why Do Guys Always Stop Talking To Me?

Online Dating: Why Do Guys Always Stop Talking To Me?

They get bored with the conversation.

You may have had a few correspondences with them on online dating sites and they may have been initially intrigued by you.

You may have even thought that the conversations were fun.

However, it gets to a point where they may get bored with the conversations and as a result, they always stop talking to you.

Guys normally get bored with a conversation when they notice that the girl isn’t asking them questions.

They may have been doing all of the asking of questions or the majority of them in your discussions on the online dating site.

They may get to the point where they wonder why you don’t ask them anywhere near as many questions about themselves as they ask you about yourself.

Hence, they begin to believe that you may actually not be interested in them.

At this point, they may start to worry that the only reason why you are chatting with them on the online dating site is because you are bored or you are just looking for attention.

Being that they are attracted to you, they may give it a few more conversations just in case you turn things around.

After all, you may be shy.

Perhaps that is why you haven’t asked them that many questions.

It may even be because you are just keeping your guard up because you aren’t too comfortable with online dating in general.

With this in mind, they may give it a few more conversations with you before they decide to stop talking to you altogether.

Unfortunately, after a few more conversations, you have still not changed your approach.

These guys are still the ones who are asking you the majority of the questions, if not all of them.

With no hope of change in sight, these guys relent and decide to stop talking to you.

Guys always stop talking to you on online dating sites because you may also not be responding to them when they try to flirt with you or tease.

They may have made a few attempts to flirt with you or tease you in previous conversations.

However, whenever they do, you may either not respond or you may respond very lackadaisically.

When a guy keeps trying to flirt with or tease a girl and she is not really responding, he will often get to the point where he thinks that she isn’t into him.

This will often make guys become that much more doubtful about where their interaction with the girl is going.

It also makes their conversations with the girl a lot less fun because they are unable to just let loose and be silly.

Not only do guys feel as though you are not into them when you don’t respond properly to flirts or teasing, they may also worry that you are no fun.

They may get the impression that you are very conservative and intractable.

They envision what it would be like to have a girl like that as their girlfriend and it may totally turn them off.

Hence, these guys always stop talking to you.

If you keep finding yourself in a position where guys always stop talking to you, you should ask yourself about how your conversations with these guys have gone in the past.

Perhaps some of them have said something to you about your personality that you should take account of.

If you recall that some of them have made similar criticisms about a facet of your personality in past conversations, this may be the area that you need to work on.

You will be able to get guys to keep talking to you when you know what the problem is and you are willing to fix it.

If you cannot remember any criticisms that may have come your way from these guys in past conversations, think about what your friends and family tend to criticize you about in terms of your personality.

If this is something that you truly believe should be improved, you should start working on it now. Avoid talking to even more guys online right now until you have gotten this issue addressed and remedied.

After having done this, when you return to talking to guys on online dating sites, you may actually start getting much better results.