He’s Grieving But Still Using Dating Apps, Should I Text Him?

He's Grieving But Still Using Dating Apps, Should I Text Him?

You shouldn’t text him.

If you were already trying to give him space due to his grieving or whatever tragedy that may have occurred in his life, it is best to continue doing that.

He may still be using dating apps because he is simply trying to find something to distract him.

People deal with grief in different ways.

Some completely shut themselves away from the world physically and emotionally, while others look for a distraction.

This is often why some people choose to get back to work and work overtime hours just so that they can get their thoughts away from their grief.

He may be dealing with his grief by still using dating apps.

He may be on the dating apps so that he can just browse through dating profiles or read his messages.

He may just want a distraction by doing this.

If you both agreed that you would give him this time to grieve, you shouldn’t text him.

You may feel tempted to do so as you have now noticed that he is still using dating apps.

However, the fact that he is still using dating apps doesn’t mean that he isn’t still grieving.

Again, people deal with grief in different ways.

Guys, more so than women, will often look for a distraction when they are dealing with grief.

This is often because guys are normally very hesitant when it comes to dealing with feelings and emotions.

They are often unsure of what to do with them and often push them away.

They avoid dealing with them.

Instead, they focus on other activities.

This is often how guys are and it is no different when it comes to grieving.

He may be seeking a distraction and as a result he resorts to still using dating apps.

Even though he is still using dating apps, you shouldn’t text him because you could reintroduce yourself into his life at a time where he doesn’t really want to deal with this added burden.

In other words, by texting him, you may make him feel like he is under pressure.

The fact that he is grieving only makes the experience of being under pressure that much worse.

He may start worrying that he now has to deal with assuaging your unstable emotions or keeping you happy.

By texting him, you may make him feel as though he now has to engage in conversation with you just so that you aren’t worried about how things are going between the both of you.

This is what tends to make a guy feel under pressure.

Being that he is grieving, this kind of expectation may be too much for him to bear.

Hence, by texting him, you may actually ruin whatever goodwill you had already built with him up until the point that he experienced this grief.

Though you may be worried about why he would still be using dating apps when he is supposed to be grieving, you should try not to give in to your innermost urges to reach out to him via text.

Let him have this time to do what he needs to do in terms of dealing with his grief.

If the both of you aren’t in an exclusive relationship, he isn’t obligated not to use dating apps any longer.

In the meantime, you shouldn’t be sitting around waiting on him to get over his grief.

You really don’t know when that will be.

Instead, you should focus on communicating with other men on dating apps so as to keep your dating options open.

If he gets to the point where he realizes that he is over his grief or feels much better, he may begin to miss you and reach out as a result.

If you like this guy, your best chance at getting him is to have him come to you.

Let him be the one that reaches out to you first.

Until then, talk to other guys on the dating apps and keep going out on dates.