I’m Not The Best Looking. Should I Even Bother With Online Dating?

I'm Not The Best Looking. Should I Even Bother With Online Dating?

Even though you may not be the best looking, you shouldn’t let this dissuade you from online dating.

However, you should only attempt online dating at the appropriate time for you, after you have done the necessary work on your mindset.

Online dating shouldn’t feel like a bother.

Starting online dating with this kind of mindset would only set yourself up for inevitable failure.

Dating sites aren’t hubs where only the best looking people congregate.

Most people who use online dating sites are average looking and have no problem finding romantic partners.

Your looks really have no bearing on whether you will meet a romantic partner or not in online dating.

Your mentality does.

Your mentality is very crucial.

If you believe that you are not the best looking and hence, you shouldn’t even bother with online dating, you will already set yourself up for failure before you have began.

The way you think is typically what will guide your actions.

Hence, when you make yourself believe that you are not the best looking, you will act accordingly and thereby make other people believe that you have a really low opinion of yourself.

This is why you shouldn’t be so fixated on your physical appearance and more so fixated on your mentality.

Whether you are meeting people in the real world to date or you are online dating, if you have a negative mindset, it will be very difficult for you to find a partner.

Hence, instead of worrying so much that you are not the best looking, ask yourself more so about how you feel about yourself as a person.

Take a look at your experiences in dating in the real world.

How have those dates gone?

What have your real world romantic relationships been like, if you have had any?

What have the people that you have been out on dates with in the real world repeatedly told you about your idiosyncrasies?

How long or short have your real world romantic relationships lasted?

These are the real questions that you actually need to be asking yourself.

You have to ascertain just how much your mentality may have affected your real life relationships or dates.

This is what you actually need to figure out first.

Your issue when it comes to dating may have nothing to do with whether you are the best looking or not, but more so with your mindset.

If people from your past dates in the real world have told you that you have a bad attitude or a negative mindset, these are points that you should take into account.

You can’t ignore this stuff if you notice that there has been a pattern of people that you have dated in the real world telling you this.

If you have never dated anyone in the real world or been in a romantic relationship with anyone in the real world, you should ask yourself why that is.

You may have allowed yourself to project a negative mentality based on the belief that you are not the best looking.

Think back to what people in the real world have told you about your behavior.

These are the areas that you need to focus on and begin the work to repair.

It is not that online dating sites wouldn’t work for you and thereby you shouldn’t bother with them, it is more so that your negative mentality about yourself could make you fail before you have even really begun online dating.

Hence, in order to give yourself the best chance at finding a romantic partner, it is best that you work on your mindset for now.

Focus on doing positive things with your life and impacting your world in a positive way.

This could be through getting yourself involved in volunteer work or starting a personal project of your own that would benefit people in some way.

The more you do this, the more you improve your mindset.

Once you are at a good place mentally, you will realize that you aren’t looking down on your looks the way you used to.

If anything, you may even become proud of your looks and embrace it.

This is the right mindset.

This is when you would be ready to do online dating if you so choose.