Online Dating: Why Do Guys Block Me After I Send Nudes?

Online Dating: Why Do Guys Block Me After I Send Nudes?

Upon matching with him, and hitting it off on a dating app, it doesn’t take long before the messages turn sexual in nature.

You play along.

After all, you don’t mind playful teasing and sensual conversation, as long as it is respectful.

The sexting gets intense, and you are loving it.

Soon, he asks you to send nudes.

You are game.

Soon after you send nudes, he blocks you.

This isn’t a one-time occurrence.

This has occurred multiple times with various men you have matched with on dating apps.

It’s not like you are the one who initiates or pushes for this sexual angle whenever you are chatting with a guy you match with on a dating app.

Yet, you are the one who seems to get punished for it when you give in to a guy’s request to send nudes.

Why do guys block you after you send nudes?

These are guys who are strictly interested in getting nudes from you.

There are numerous guys who get on dating apps with the intention of strictly getting nudes.

A dating app is an extension of his sexual exploits online.

These are guys who regularly get on social media sites, porn sites, and now, dating apps, to start conversations with women and get their nudes in the end.

Once he signs up on a dating app, his intention is to get nudes from women he matches with.

He isn’t seeking a relationship with you, whether it be serious or casual.

He is primarily interested in getting nudes.

Once he receives your nudes, he has reached the apex of his online dating odyssey with you specifically.

He has no intention of going any further with you.

Going further with you requires that he keep making conversation and getting to know you, which is something he no longer has an intention of doing, now that he has your nudes.

The sexting was great, but it has reached its zenith, now that he has your nudes.

It’s akin to reaching the climax of a movie.

Now, like it would a movie, it’s time to turn the lights out and go dark.

That is what he has done in blocking you.

Go dark.

This is disheartening to you.

Until he blocked you, you thought you were connecting with him.

True, conversation had become more fixated on sex in recent text message exchanges, but you thought that you were building a stronger rapport with him with every subsequent conversation.

As far as you were concerned, sending your nudes was simply moving your relations with him to the next level of intimacy.

The last thing you were expecting was for him to suddenly block you not long after receiving your nudes.

He did.

Presently, you feel like you have egg on your face.

Once again, a guy has blocked you after you sent him your nudes, and it has you feeling less than human.

For him, there is pure satisfaction.

He has climaxed with your nudes, both mentally and physically.

This makes you obsolete to him.

Blocking you and moving on to the next woman on the dating app, in the hopes of getting her nudes, is the next logical step for him.