Online Dating For Those Seeking A Real Relationship, What Would You Say Sucks About It?

Online Dating For Those Seeking A Real Relationship, What Would You Say Sucks About It?

Online dating will often suck for those seeking a real relationship when they join an online dating site that isn’t a good fit for them.

It sucks for this person because they aren’t finding what they want nor do they feel particularly good about the whole online dating experience.

However, this is not the fault of the online dating app.

You have to claim responsibility for what you believe is sucking about online dating.

You may be in the process of seeking a real relationship through online dating, but that doesn’t relieve you of the responsibility of ensuring that you join an online dating site that fits your needs.

You do have to take responsibility for that.

It is easy to say that online dating sucks because all you want is to find a real relationship and yet, all you keep getting is either a lack of responses to your messages, a lack of response to your online dating profile or an inability to keep someone’s interest alive for a sustained period of time.

No one said that online dating was going to be easy.

It isn’t supposed to be.

Being in the process of seeking out a real relationship takes work.

Doing something like this would take work in the real world.

Hence, it is no different than the online world.

People who are seeking real relationships and are finding that online dating is sucking for them are often the ones who thought that they would have it easy, simply because they are now online dating.

If you were having a hard time finding a real relationship in the real world, you will still have that same level of difficulty when you do online dating.

It may have everything to do with you and your personality.

It may have everything to do with how you have approached relationships in the past in the real world.

You are most likely going to bring the same kind of energy when you start online dating.

If there were certain things that you would do that turned off potential dates in the real world, those behaviors would still turn off people that you meet online.

In other words, online dating is not the cure for whatever deficiencies that you have had in the past when you were seeking real relationships in the real world.

Though it may be cyberspace, you are still dealing with real live flesh and blood human beings on the other end.

Human beings with intuition and life experience.

Human beings with an understanding of what it means to be in a relationship.

You do have to take a look at yourself and how you have approached online dating.

What choices have you made in the kind of online dating sites that you have joined?

What choices have you made in how you set up your online dating profile?

How much time have you spent sending the right kind of message to the right kind of match for you?

All of these things really need to be taken into account if you are seeking a real relationship and have discovered that online dating has been sucking for you.

You get what you put into it.

Online dating was not supposed to be easy.

It was supposed to just give you another avenue by which you could meet someone for a real relationship, if that is what you seek.

To meet that person, you still have to have the right attitude, presentation and communication skills.