Online Dating: Why Do People Schedule A Date But Never Show Up?

Online Dating: Why Do People Schedule A Date But Never Show Up?

Unfortunately, not everyone on a dating app is intent on meeting in person.

Scheduling a date with you was what he did, believing that it was what was expected.

In his mind, he never had any intention of meeting you on said date.

This is a guy who was more concerned with chatting on a dating app than anything else.

He liked it when you two talked and you gave him attention.

Alas, this can’t go on forever and he knows that.

Being that you are on a dating app, he knows that it’s only a matter of time before you would want to meet.

This is where he knows that his journey with you is over.

He never had an intention to meet in person.

All he desired was the attention.

Having you laugh at his jokes or swoon at his compliments.

Knowing that you want to meet him in person, he felt he didn’t have a choice but to schedule a date.

Again, in the back of his mind, he has no intention of showing up on this date.

And he doesn’t.

To you, it’s a head-scratcher.

Why bother scheduling a date in the first place?

Why go through all that trouble when all he had to do was disappear from the conversation?

Well, he doesn’t want to be rude.

This is where it gets really, really weird.

Were he to abandon a conversation with you, it would feel odd.

It’s almost like watching a movie, getting all the way to the climax, and turning it off right there.

It isn’t a natural end to him.

Scheduling a date is the natural end to the conversation to him.

It’s his way of rewarding you for the time you have spent talking to him on a dating app, and how he goes about letting it be known to himself that his conversations with you are at an end.

In scheduling a date, he is giving you hope and making you feel good.

He believes that this is the least he can do, being that he has no intentions of showing up on the date.

In reality, scheduling a date he knows full well he won’t attend is cruel.

But, he makes himself believe that he is rewarding you and making you feel good by so doing.

Besides this guy, there are guys who schedule a date and never show up based on who they are prioritizing.

After all, this is a dating app and he is lining up dates with multiple people, not just you.

When he lines up a date with someone he considers to be a better match, he has no qualms in never showing up on a date he scheduled with you.

His motive in scheduling that date in the first place was as an insurance policy in case he didn’t get a date with someone else he has his eye on.

This woman has since accepted his offer to meet for a date, making his scheduled date with you needless.

You were merely his backup.