Online Dating: Is It Better To Exchange Phone Numbers Before Or After The Date?

Online Dating: Is It Better To Exchange Phone Numbers Before Or After The Date?

Before the date.

Exchanging phone numbers before the date gives you two the opportunity to chat outside of a dating app.

Without a dating app’s influence, you have a better shot at talking to each other without distraction.

This lets you two know whether you share chemistry.

Though you shared chemistry on a dating app, that doesn’t automatically correlate to sharing chemistry outside of it.

Communicating over the phone is an avenue that is outside a dating app.

Without the distractions of a dating app, you two communicate without gaps and interruptions.

It feels more like a proper conversation.

Personalities come out in the open.

You would be surprised at what you can learn having conversation over the phone.

The person’s style of communication is less inhibited.

Dating app’s do have rules after all.

When communicating over the phone, those rules don’t apply.

You two speak freely.

This is where you get a much better sense of each other.

How natural is conversation?

How well do you two play off of each other?

What topics resonate with you two?

Communicating over the phone gives you a much better sense of this person and whether there is chemistry.

It’s better to establish this before meeting on a date.

People make the mistake of thinking that they will have chemistry in a real life meeting because they had it on a dating app.

Up until the date, they strictly communicate on a dating app.

Many are shocked when they discover that they don’t share the same chemistry in real life.

This is why communicating with each other over the phone is so beneficial.

It lets you know whether there is chemistry beyond the influence of a dating app.

Sharing chemistry over the phone is a much better indicator of whether you two will share chemistry in a real life meeting.

Plus, communicating over the phone avoids the all-too-common problem with dating apps where conversations fizzle out.

Too many conversations fizzle out on dating apps on account of monotony and the ever-present distraction of matches.

People are conducting conversations with multiple matches at a time.

This makes it a lot likelier that conversations you have with people fizzle out in short order and you are back to square one.

When you exchange phone numbers with someone and start communicating, conversation is less likely to fizzle out as fast before a date has been set.

Unlike a dating app which is filled with romantic potentials that lead to distraction, the phone is just the two of you.

You both get to concentrate on your conversation without the temptation of responding to the messages of a new match or sending a message to a new match.

Communication over the phone is intimate.

If chemistry is shared, this intimacy makes the first date so much more likely to be a success.

Wouldn’t you want to learn whether you have rapport with this person before meeting on a date?

Rapport established on a dating app isn’t enough.

Communicating over the phone gives you an advantage that keeps you from wasting time on someone you won’t share chemistry with in a real life meeting.