Online Dating: Why Don’t Men Smile?

Online Dating: Why Don't Men Smile?

Some men don’t like how they look when they smile in a picture, especially one that they will be using on their dating profile.

These men have varied interpretations for why they feel this way.

They don’t look tough is a big one.

As a man, they believe that they should always present themselves as strong.

Smiling in pictures that they post on their online dating profile sends the message that they are weak.

They want to convey strength.

After all, isn’t this what women like?

Don’t women want to feel like they are protected by their man?

These are interpretations that these men have come up with to justify why they post pictures of themselves on their dating profiles with scowls, frowns or just plain nothingness.

Other men deem smiling as an indication that they are gullible.

They worry that the woman will think that she can take advantage of his attention.

He is being inviting and she may take him up on his openness.

This may be a woman who proceeds to waste his time in exchanging messages with him that lead nowhere.

As soon as she gets bored with the conversation, she will abandon it leaving him high and dry.


He isn’t going to allow himself to be taken advantage of.

He isn’t going to allow his time to be taken up by some woman who just wants to kill her boredom and chooses to do so by taking advantage of a hapless victim with a friendly smiling face.

Deep down, most men are very sensitive, no matter how hard of an exterior they try to present.

Letting a woman in with a warm smile that ultimately leads to her abandoning them once she gets bored with the conversation can be absolutely crushing to them.

By avoiding that smile in their profile pictures, they are protecting their time and emotions.

There are other men who are simply getting misinformation from buddies when it comes to the type of pictures that they should post to their dating profiles.

These buddies may have spent little time on a dating site but were fortunate enough to have success in finding a girlfriend fairly quickly.

Due to this quick success, they tell other guys who are just starting online dating that they should post pictures of themselves without smiles.

These guys follow this bad advice only to realize months down the road that they still haven’t found a girlfriend.

Yes, there are some guys who have beginner’s luck when they first join a dating site, irrespective of whether they are smiling in their pictures or not.

These are the rare few.

The majority of guys aren’t so lucky.

The average guy who is doing online dating the right way and yes, that includes smiling in his profile pictures, still has to spend several months on a dating site before finding a girlfriend.

The ill-advised guy who has a profile of pictures without smiles that remains constant for months will rarely welcome many visits from women, which means that his future girlfriend will never show up.

It can get frustrating when you keep coming across dating profiles with men who aren’t smiling.

Just understand that for many of these men, the lesson will be learned the hard way.

This means that if you were to run into their dating profiles again at some point several months from now, you just may catch a lot more pictures of them with their pearly whites in clear view.