Online Dating: Working Weekends Makes Dating Harder

Online Dating: Working Weekends Makes Dating Harder

You work weekends and it has made it harder to meet up with women that you have connected with on dating sites.

It isn’t a revelation that most people are off on weekends, with you on the opposite end of that spectrum.

On multiple occasions, you have tried to set up dates with women you have met on dating sites for a week day.

The problem is, none of them have been available to meet up with you on a date during the week.

Every single one of them has told you that they are unavailable to meet up on a week day, leaving the weekends as the one and only potential option.

Unsurprisingly, you are agitated.

Since when did meeting for a date during the week become so undoable?

You are left with nothing else as an option for these women but the weekends.

During the weekends, with you at work during a time she would be free, it has made it impossible to set up a date with a woman.

There are 24 hours in a day.

People make time for something that has value to them.

Whenever you are setting up a date with a woman for a weekday meeting, her unavailability has little to do with time and a lot more to do with her level of interest in you.

Think about the women you have been asking out on dates on dating apps.

How interested were they in you?

What were the conversations like?

Was a keen interest in answering your questions and getting to know you demonstrated?

A woman who isn’t all that interested in you doesn’t respond to your questions with substance nor does she initiate messaging.

Did you build rapport with these women or quickly asked them out the moment you had one or two text message exchanges?

Too many guys are quick to ask women out on dating sites without having put the work into sustaining conversations and building chemistry.

Sure, some women are quick to meet guys on dating apps, but many prefer that the guy put in the work on building familiarity and rapport.

Think about whether any of these women you have been asking out on dating sites showed strong signs of interest in you.

A woman that isn’t interested in a guy makes it harder for him to set up a date with her.

There’s always an excuse.

She is strictly available on the weekends within a specific timeframe.

She works really long hours during the week.

She has a hectic weekly work schedule that changes on a dime thanks to her crazy boss.

There is no limit to the excuses.

A woman that is genuinely interested in you, makes the time to see you, irrespective of how busy her weekly or weekend schedule is.

Your problem has little to do with having to work on the weekends, and everything to do with whether these women you are talking to on dating sites like you enough to want to meet you.