Online Dating: Hatfishing

Online Dating: Hatfishing

Whether it’s a baseball cap, beanie, beret, fedora, and so on, you have seen men on dating apps tirelessly wear hats in their pictures to hide their baldness.

This is hatfishing and these men are abusing it to the fullest.

Why do they do this?

The bulk of men have a dire issue with losing their hair.

They saw it happen to their dad.

He was their hero with a full head of hair at one stage.

As he got older and weaker, his hair thinned out until baldness took over.

To many men, getting bald equates to aging and losing that strength they once possessed.

There is no doubt he loves his dad, but it was terrifying to watch him age and lose the luster of being the invincible superhero.

As he himself transitions into adulthood, he is determined to keep aging at bay.

He treats his hair with the finest ointments he can find.

He works out at the gym.

He is very strict in reading the ingredients of the food and drinks he buys when grocery shopping to avoid putting the wrong chemicals into his body.

Despite this, one day, he gets up to prepare for work, walks into his bathroom and sees a slight, but evident bald patch.

The horror.

His mind immediately rewinds to what it was like watching his superhero of a father age.

The baldness that he watched his father succumb to coincided with his dad not having the stamina to go to the baseball cage and bat with him like he once did, or not having the stamina to celebrate long into the night after their favorite sports team won a tournament.

It’s coming back to him in that single moment and he is frightened.

His intention to avoid aging like his dad poignantly intensifies from this moment forward, as he scours the internet for new revolutionary medicinal ointments that combat baldness and juxtaposes that with taking a barrage of new vitamins that supposedly reduce the onset of baldness.

A hefty portion of his life is centered around keeping himself from losing the luster of strength that he adopted from his father as he himself grew into an adult.

The years go by and nothing he has used to combat baldness works.

He dreads looking at himself in the mirror, knowing that the bald batches have continued to spread despite his efforts.

The bald patches get so bad, he does the unthinkable, he starts wearing a hat wherever he goes.

He used to be the guy with the strong wavy hair that he would show off wherever he want.

Now, he is wearing a hat, leaving people who have known him for years questioning what is happening.

Is he having a midlife crisis?

Is this a new fashion statement?

He tells them that their suspicions are unwarranted.

He just so happened to be shopping one day and saw a hat he had to buy.

That is the gist of it.

His statement seems less trustworthy as the weeks go by and they observe him wearing a series of different hats.

It doesn’t help that for whatever reason, his wife or girlfriend left him for someone else a few weeks or months ago and since then, he hasn’t received much attention from women.

This is when he signs up on dating apps, still reeling from his balding head and how that may or may not be connected to a girlfriend or wife who left him a while ago, and the lack of any female attention since then.

This is his thought process as he is signing up.

There is much to figure out about himself and how he approaches life as baldness encroaches on him.

Realizing that baldness is never going to be defeated, his next goal is to figure out a way to get his mojo back.

Until he does, he intends to wear hats in his pics so as not to be exposed as a guy who has lost the mojo he once had in having a full head of hair.