She Has Concerns About Online Dating. What Can I Say To Make Her Feel Better?

She Has Concerns About Online Dating. What Can I Say To Make Her Feel Better?

She may be new to online dating and may still have some hesitations or questions about it.

She may be concerned that she is not going about meeting potential dates in the appropriate way.

In general, people are often adverse to change.

If this is the first time that she has tried online dating and she has met you as a result, she may be worried that she went about this all wrong.

She may be used to meeting potential romantic partners in the traditional way.

She may have previously met these romantic partners through work, friends or family.

However, she has now met you through online dating and you are worried about her concerns.

You now wonder about what you can say to make her feel better.

Perhaps you are beginning to panic that her reservations about online dating are going to make her soon discard you or not consider you as a suitable dating option to meet in real life.

These are understandable concerns on your part.

However, you shouldn’t go about this the overzealous way and panic in how you go about trying to convince her about the benefits of online dating.

Most of her hesitancy is coming from the fact that she has met you through a method that she has never used in the past.

She has met a total stranger.

She is trying to come to terms with that because she is not used to meeting people in this way.

She is used to meeting people in the real world and getting to see these people face to face.

Oftentimes, she would also know something about this person.

She may know this person through work.

Hence, she has some familiarity with who this person is.

She may have been introduced to this person by a friend or family member.

In this scenario, she may have also been familiar with this person to an extent. Even if she wasn’t, being that the person was introduced to her through her friend or a family member, she trusts that this person would be of good character because she knows that her friend and family members are looking out for her.

When you come into the picture and you are a stranger that she met through online dating, she is going to have concerns.

Your best approach to this is to focus on allowing her to get to know you as a person.

Instead of trying to say things to her in order to make her feel better and thereby continue keeping you around, show her your character.

Find out more about her background and relate to what she tells you.

In other words, if you discover that you both have similar backgrounds or experiences, let her know this by telling her about your own.

If she were to raise her concerns about online dating to you during a conversation with you, instead of having the knee-jerk reaction of trying to convince her otherwise, let her know that you understand her concerns.

Proceed to tell her more about yourself and ensure that you make her laugh or smile as you interact with her.

Doing things like this will put her at ease and will make her realize more and more that you are not some strange being who cannot be trusted that she met online.

If anything, she will begin to humanize you more and will realize that you are truly authentic and thereby there is nothing to be concerned about.