Should Guys Or Girls Be The First Ones To Message On Dating Sites?

Should Guys Or Girls Be The First Ones To Message On Dating Sites?

Whether you are a guy or girl, you should initiate messages to people that you like on dating sites.

Dating sites have given people the advantage of being relatively anonymous.

The kind of rejection that you may face on dating sites is a lot less difficult to deal with than the kind that you would face from someone in real life.

In some ways, getting one of your messages ignored on dating sites may not even feel like a rejection.

It may feel more like a text that you sent to an acquaintance that never got responded to.

In other words, people find that rejection on dating sites are a lot more palatable than rejection in the real world.

This is your opportunity to message people that you like without having to worry so much about rejection.

Thereby, being the first one to message on dating sites is really irrelevant.

It is about finding someone that you like and feeling the need to reach out to that person.

Your first messages don’t have to be long or complicated.

In fact, it is best if they aren’t.

You don’t want the recipient to feel as though they are about to do a book report in school.

First messages are the kind of messages that both guys or girls can send on dating sites.

This is not like it is in real life where the fear of rejection is strong and palpable.

This is the online space.

You need to take advantage of that and try not to get yourself stuck in the real world mindset when it comes to initiating an approach.

This is the great advantage that dating sites have provided.

They have given both guys and girls an even playing field in the world of dating.

A guy can feel more emboldened to approach the girl that he likes and a girl can feel more empowered to take her fate in her own hands by choosing who she wants to talk to.

This is a win-win for both guys and girls.

Hence why you shouldn’t be so caught up in who should be the first ones to message on dating sites.

Understanding who should be the first ones to message on dating sites may simply come down to how strong of a connection you are feeling with a particular person.

If you are so worried about being the first one to message on dating sites, ask yourself about what it is about this person’s dating profile that seems to be resonating with you so much.

If you find yourself constantly coming back to that dating profile, there is clearly something that is really resonating with you.

This alone should be your inspiration to be the first one to message this person.

If you don’t do that, you may log into your online dating account one day only to find that this person’s dating profile is no longer there.

You have been constantly coming back to this person’s dating profile for the last few weeks without ever sending that person a first message and now that person is gone.

Imagine how this would make you feel.

There is a good chance that you would be hoping right around that moment that you could be given a second chance to send that person a first message.

In order to avoid putting yourself in this position, be the first one to message.

You will be glad that you did.