Why Don’t Women Send Rejection Messages On Online Dating Sites?

Why Don't Women Send Rejection Messages On Online Dating Sites?

Women tend to receive a lot more messages on online dating sites than men do.

Having to send rejection messages to every guy that messages them on online dating sites may be practically impossible.

Many women would literally have to spend hours just sending rejection messages and while they are sending those rejection messages, they are receiving even more messages from men.

At this pace, it literally becomes impossible for many women to keep up.

Not to mention, women have their lives outside of online dating.

They have work, school, family, friends and other obligations.

There literally isn’t enough time in the day for them to do all they have to get done in the real world, then log into their online dating accounts only to start sending rejection messages to numerous men.

Some women do try to send rejection messages when they first join online dating sites because they do feel the need to be courteous and polite in letting these men know that they appreciate the message but they aren’t interested.

However, after a while, it simply becomes impossible to keep up with all those messages.

Eventually, even these women who started their online dating journey by being conscientious in sending rejection messages, stop sending them.

Again, it would be practically impossible for them to keep up with them.

You also have to understand that sending rejection messages on online dating sites often only encourages some men.

There are many men who simply won’t take a simple and polite rejection message as fact.

After having received the rejection message from the woman, some of these men choose to message her again.

They may become very rude in their response.

They may tell the woman that she is not “all that” anyway and that she is making a big mistake in rejecting them.

This happens a lot to women who take the time to send rejection messages to men on online dating sites.

They suddenly find themselves at the receiving end of abuse and vituperative language.

Indeed, they may get polite messages from other men telling them that they are grateful for the polite response that she sent them.

However, there are many men who respond very negatively to their rejection messages.

After being at the other end of this abuse for a sustained period of time, many women just decide that it would be best not to send rejection messages to men on online dating sites.

She just doesn’t want to have to deal with some of the rude responses that she is going to get from men when all she was doing was trying to be polite and civil.

Women also often do not send rejection messages on online dating sites because the online dating experience tends to be impersonal.

In other words, many women may simply look at that as a message in cyberspace and neglect the fact that it came from a human being with a heart and emotions.

There is something very impersonal about receiving messages in cyberspace.

It is nowhere near the same experience as when you are dealing with someone face to face in the real world.

Indeed, if these women were dealing with a man face to face in the real world, many of them would have felt compelled to respond to him.

It would be quite awkward to just stay silent when a guy in the real world has made an approach.

Hence, it is much easier for women to be more responsive when they are interacting with a man face to face in real life.

Online dating sites are a very different experience.

Being that women aren’t seeing the person behind the message face to face, that message just feels so much more impersonal.

Hence, it is easier for them to ignore the message and not send a rejection message in return because they simply don’t feel the kind of realness that they would have felt if this was a person who had actually approached them in real life.