On Dating Sites, Why Do Guys Indicate They Like You If You Have No Profile Information?

On Dating Sites, Why Do Guys Indicate They Like You If You Have No Profile Information?

They are hoping to catch your attention early on.

Being that you may have just created an online dating account, you are new and untainted.

To these guys, whether you have profile information or not is irrelevant when their primary initial goal is to get you to notice and think about them first.

They know that, being a woman, you are going to be inundated with messages from men the moment you post a picture to your dating profile or fill it out.

They just want to be the first ones.

They want you to remember them.

This way, when you complete your dating profile, you will have them in mind as possibly the first guy that you will message back.

Guys indicate that they like you on dating sites even when you have no profile information because they may be simply playing the numbers.

They are basically sending out a bunch of likes indiscriminately across multiple dating profiles on dating sites.

They are hoping that out of this many likes they are sending to girls on dating sites, they will receive a few responses.

Hence, they are doing the math.

They may already have done this in the past and had some success at it.

Thereby, they may have an idea about how many responses they are going to receive based on the number of likes that they are sending out.

They most likely never even bothered trying to read your dating profile.

Hence, they may not even know that you have no profile information.

They merely sent out a blanket number of likes in the hopes that they will average a certain number of women who respond to them.

Guys on dating sites indicate that they like you even when you have no profile information because they may actually be bots.

In other words, you may have received likes from guys who have fake profiles.

These are the fake profiles of scammers who are only on dating sites to take advantage of the people on there.

Their intent is typically to redirect a person to another website where they can collect their personal information.

Some other scammers actually communicate with the person for a while in an attempt to get the person to fall for them.

Once they have gotten the person to this point, they will typically try to extract a financial recompense for their efforts.

Hence, though it may have seemed as though real guys sent you these likes, these likes may have actually come from automated scammer bots that troll dating sites.

Those scammer bots will typically go after the newest members of dating sites.

The moment you have created that account, the bots are already on your dating profile indicating that they like you irrespective of whether you have information on it or not.

You will typically be able to tell when it is a fake profile if you notice a lot of grammatical and punctuation errors on the profile of the person that sent you the like.

Also, you will be able to tell that these are fake profiles when there is an email, website address or phone number that is included in the guy’s dating profile essay.

No real member of a dating site is going to leave their personal contact information within the body of their dating profile essay.

If you see this in their profiles, you know that this profile is most likely a fake.

You should avoid responding to the person behind that dating profile at all costs.

They are most likely a scammer who used a bot to send you the initial indication that they like you.

As a general rule, it is best to reserve your correspondence with only guys on dating sites who have read your dating profile information.

This often means that they are a real person and they took the time to read your profile so as to get a better understanding of the person you are. Hence, they are most likely a genuine and honest person.

Until you have actually filled that information out on your profile, you should avoid responding to any guy who indicates that they like you.