Why Am I Ignored By Guys In Real Life But On Dating Sites I Get So Much Attention?

Why Am I Ignored By Guys In Real Life But On Dating Sites I Get So Much Attention?

Guys who ignore you in real life are too timid or anxious about approaching you.

On the contrary, you may get so much attention on dating sites because the same guys who would have ignored you in real life, are a lot more bold in sending you messages on dating sites.

Dating sites have made it easier for guys who would typically ignore a girl that they are attracted to in real life, to actually approach her through cyberspace.

There is an impersonal nature to dating sites that guys do not have the advantage of when thinking about approaching a girl in real life.

In real life, for most guys, rejection from a girl that they approach would be tough.

For them, it is more personal to get rejected by a girl in real life and face to face.

They get to see her and hear her.

They have to deal with putting themselves in a position where they feel even more awkward upon rejection than they felt when they were trying to gather up the courage to approach the girl in the first place.

Hence, when a guy approaches a girl in real life, he has to deal with the anxiety of approaching her in the first place and the awkwardness of what to do if she were to reject him.

Guys don’t really have to deal with this on dating sites.

They don’t have the same kind of nerves when it comes to approaching a girl on dating sites as they have when they have to do it in real life.

On dating sites, the girl is a face behind an online dating profile.

She isn’t right there, standing in front of him, as she would be in real life.

Hence, he doesn’t have to deal with the worry that his body language may be awkward nor is he burdened with trying to figure out what she is thinking about him at that very moment that he has approached.

That is quite some pressure for guys. The kind of pressure that they don’t have to endure on dating sites.

On dating sites, guys also have the time to formulate what kind of message that they want to send the girl.

They don’t have to think on their feet as they would have to if they were approaching a girl in real life.

They can prepare what kind of message they want to send.

This is most likely why you get so much attention on dating sites but get ignored by guys in real life.

Another reason why you get ignored by guys in real life but get so much attention from them on dating sites may be because you may come off as unapproachable in real life.

Your body language may be really uninviting to guys in real life.

Guys often look to see whether a girl is approachable in real life before they approach her.

In doing this, they will often look for certain cues such as:

Is she smiling? Are her hands open, as opposed to crossed over her chest? Is she making eye contact with him?

Is she positioning her body in a way that openly faces him? Does she keep looking in his direction every so often?

These are all very important body language cues that guys use in order to determine whether they should approach a girl.

If you tend not to have any of these approachable body language cues, most guys will ignore you in real life.

Being that they are about to put themselves in a position where they risk rejection, they want to at least get some reassurance that they may have a chance with the girl.

If her body language is totally closed off to them, they will not want to take the risk of not only getting rejected by her, but possibly getting rejected harshly.