Should I Like My Ex’s Friend On A Dating App?

Should I Like My Ex's Friend On A Dating App?

It wasn’t expected but there she was.

Your ex’s friend showed up on a dating app.

The dating app you are on.

It triggered a number of memories about her.

You thought she was attractive from the moment she was introduced to you by your ex as her friend.

Obviously, being in a relationship with your ex at the time, you never made a move on this friend.

Nonetheless, it felt like you two had a vibe.

Whenever she was around, you two had great conversations and the body language was suggestive.

Now that you and your ex have broken up and you are on a dating app, you are wondering whether your ex’s friend is fair game.

After all, you are no longer dating your ex.

You haven’t had anything to do with your ex for a while.

It doesn’t seem like you would be doing anything wrong in liking your ex’s friend on a dating app, yet it seems a little awkward.

Stop for a moment.

Think twice about this.

Liking your ex’s friend on a dating app means that you are opening yourself up to having your ex come back into your life.

If you didn’t have a good relationship with her or ended on bad terms, this exposes you to tension and drama.

Is this worth it?

Yes, your ex’s friend is attractive, but is that worth the risk of bringing tension and drama into your life?

There are women on a dating app that are just as attractive as she is, if not more.

Women who don’t come with anywhere near the tension and drama.

Consider this before getting caught up on your ex’s friend and liking her dating profile.

Let’s create a different scenario.

One where you had a great relationship with your ex and an amicable breakup.

A breakup that was more so mutual than one-sided.

In a scenario like this, the immediate assumption is that you can like your ex’s friend without the fear of tension and drama.

Think twice.

An ex who hasn’t found a new relationship she is happy in, is susceptible to jealousy when a friend of hers is happily dating someone she previously dated.

In happily dating her friend, not only have you found a happiness she is yet to find, you have taken away the attention of her friend.

Her friend is no longer as available to talk to her on the phone or go out shopping with her or hang out.

This is what you have caused in dating her friend.

Although she had an amical breakup with you, she can’t help but get jealous or envious.

She doesn’t believe you deserve it.

After all, she was the one who introduced you to her friend when you two were dating.

You wouldn’t know her friend otherwise.

Now, here you are, taking her friend away from her while she remains single and lonely.

This leaves her reacting emotionally, and without thinking logically, she is doing what she can to interfere with the relationship.

This isn’t fun.

Why put yourself at risk of any of this?

It isn’t worth it.

Your ex’s friend is attractive but so are numerous women on a dating app.

Find women to like in that crowd.