Should You Accelerate Things When Involved In Online Dating?

Should You Accelerate Things When Involved In Online Dating?

Not if it feels unnatural.

If you were to try to accelerate things for your own gain, it may not work out the way you want it.

As you talk to someone online, you should really ascertain what they want as early in your interaction as possible by asking them why they joined the online dating website.

If you discover that the both of you may not have the same wants, you may be better off not getting involved in a prolonged interaction with this person.

You need to take this person at their word.

Oftentimes, people become so blinded by how good another person’s online dating profile is that they just want things to work out with this person.

Even if the person were to tell them something that contradicted what they wanted out of the online dating site, they still choose to stick around because they are so enamored with this person.

They stay involved in the online dating process with this person week after week after week.

Eventually, they realize that things aren’t moving in the direction that they hoped it would and start desperately trying to figure out how to accelerate things.

Putting yourself in this position is ill-advised.

The moment you discover that this is a person who isn’t looking for the same thing you are, you should avoid communicating with this person.

Again, lots of people in your position continue to communicate because they hope that somewhere along the line this person will change their mind.

Hence, they continue to go back and forth with messages.

Unfortunately, the more they go back and forth with messaging this person, the more emotionally invested they become in that person.

They may not be fully away that this is happening until it gets to the point where they feel that they just can’t keep themselves from communicating with this person.

At this point, they have become addicted to this person and feel the need to interact with them everyday.

This is never a position that you should allow yourself to get to.

Again, always verify what the person wants from the online dating site earlier on.

If that goal doesn’t conform to yours, you should avoid communicating with this person and move on to someone else who may have the same outlook.

Now, some people want to accelerate things when involved in online dating because they may be worried that this person is communicating with other people and hence, they may lose this person if they don’t make a move quickly.

This is also a very dangerous way to go about things.

If this person is communicating with others, it means that they are keeping all options open.

If you were to try to accelerate things with them, you may run the risk of this person letting you go because you are making them feel pressured.

Lots of people communicate with multiple people at the same time on an online dating site.

That is the nature of online dating.

It is a numbers game.

It is a process of elimination.

This is why you should always ensure that you aren’t putting all of your eggs in one basket as far as who you are communicating with online.

Always ensure that you are talking to at least a few people at a time so that you give yourself the best chance of landing someone that wants to meet you or take things to the next level.