Should You Always Include A Full Body Photo In Online Dating?

Should You Always Include A Full Body Photo In Online Dating?

Including a full body photo is not only something that you should do, it is something that you must do.

If you are choosing to do online dating, you will get the best results when you are honest in how you represent yourself both as a person and in body.

The photos you use are often an important part of that equation.

Oftentimes, people make the mistake of trying to exaggerate their level of attractiveness both in persona and looks on online dating sites.

This typically ends up hurting them because whoever finds them will ultimately discover that the person was not being honest in their representation of themselves.

This can lead to a lot of wasted time for you. You don’t want to be putting all of your time and effort into online dating when you are misrepresenting yourself.

You may tell yourself that it is alright to misrepresent yourself somewhat because the person that you start talking to on the online dating site will get to know you and love you for you.

However, if you have misrepresented your body in your online dating profile photos, the person will not want to know or love you upon discovering this.

They will feel betrayed.

There are a number of ways that you may go about misrepresenting your body on an online dating site.

You may choose the easiest route by simply not including any sort of full body photos of yourself.

You may choose the sneakier route of including a full body photo from an angle that best compliments you.

In other words, you may show your body from a side-angle or you may take a supposed full body photo of yourself from above.

You may be doing all of this because you are trying to hide the fact that you are overweight.

These are all tricks that will ultimately hurt you.

Even if you are able to get the attention of someone that you like on the online dating site, they will eventually get to meet you and discover that you misrepresented your body size in your online dating profile photos.

This will only lead to them not wanting to talk to you anymore.

You would have spent all that time and effort talking to this person only to lead to this kind of disappointment.

Is this truly what you want?

Of course it isn’t.

Even though it may be hard for you to include a full body photo of yourself because you don’t like something about your body, you should do so if you intend to do online dating and be successful at it.

If your unhappiness with your body is so intense that you simply don’t want to include a full body photo of yourself, this may not be the right time for you to start online dating.

It may be better to work on your self-esteem first and foremost.

This doesn’t mean that you have to change your body if you don’t want to. However, your mindset about it has to change.

You have to become more accepting of it so that you can have a healthy sense of self-esteem.

If you feel that you dislike your body so much that you can never accept it, then it may be best to start putting the hard work into changing it.

Regardless of which route you choose to take, you should never get on an online dating site and avoid including a full body photo of yourself.

What tends to happen when you feel this way about your body and refuse to include a full body photo on your online dating profile is that you may get to a point where you never allow yourself to meet anyone due to pure fright.

Being that you are already worried that the person that is talking to you on the online dating site will disapprove of the way your body truly looks, you may keep procrastinating in meeting up with the person.

The both of you may have been really getting along on the online dating site and having really great conversations.

It may get to the point where the person wants to meet you but you find a way to give the person excuses every time that they ask to meet.

You are so worried that the person won’t like what your body actually looks like in real life because you either omitted including a full body photo in your online dating profile or you posted misleading body photos.

You may procrastinate with this person because you just want to hold on to the fantasy of what it would be like to meet them and have them be accepting of your body.

You know that you are frightened of what the true reality may be upon meeting this person in real life and watching them disapprove of what your body looks like.

As a result, you continue to procrastinate on meeting them to a point where the person simply gives up on you and moves on.

You could find yourself in situations like this over and over again on online dating sites.

You are literally paralyzed when it comes to meeting the person.

You love and enjoy the process of talking to them on the online dating sites but you dread the inevitable moment when they will ask you to meet up with them in real life.

This is the position that you will keep putting yourself if you choose to omit including a full body photo on your online dating profile.