We Have Had 7 Amazing Dates And She Still Checks Her Online Dating Profile?

We Have Had 7 Amazing Dates And She Still Checks Her Online Dating Profile?

Those 7 dates may not have been as amazing to her as they were to you.

She may still check her online dating profile because she is looking for someone better.

It may sound crazy that she would still check her online dating profile when it seemed as though she had a really good time on those dates, but this does happen.

You may already be seeing yourself in a committed relationship with this girl.

You may have already even envisioned introducing her to your friends and family.

You may have had such an amazing time on those 7 dates that you may have even started thinking about this girl as possible wife material.

In essence, the excitement that you have been feeling about this girl may have made your imagination go wild.

You really have to keep your emotions in check.

Though it may have seemed as though she had a great time on those 7 dates, that doesn’t mean that she isn’t having an amazing time on other dates.

Yes, there is a chance that she has also been out on other dates with other guys that she met on the online dating site.

She may not have necessarily been only going out on dates with you during this time.

If she has also been going out with other guys, there is a good chance that she has been enjoying those other dates as well.

The fact that she keeps having some really good dates with guys may be the reason why she still checks her online dating profile.

She may be hoping that she can find a guy who shows her an even better time.

You may have only allowed yourself to focus on this one girl.

You may not have been trying to talk to any other girls on the online dating site since you started going out on these dates with this particular girl.

Do understand that she is not necessarily sticking to only going out on dates with you.

The danger in only focusing on one girl when you are online dating is that you could put all of your romantic hopes on her.

Being that you have not been trying to get dates with any other girl on the online dating site, you have literally placed all of your chips on this one girl in the hopes that romance will ensue.

This approach to online dating is always a big risk.

This girl that you have had 7 amazing dates with may be making sure that she doesn’t put all of her romantic hopes on one guy.

She may still check her online dating profile because she knows that she has to keep all of her dating options open.

Oftentimes, a girl may go out on dates with multiple men from an online dating site in the hopes that she will eventually know which one she would like to date exclusively.

This may be what she is doing in your case.

She continues to go out on dates with you because she is interested and is open to see where this leads.

However, you may not be the only guy that she is doing this with.

She knows that she will have the best chance of finding the right guy for her if she allows herself to test out as many guys as she deems necessary.

She has gone on 7 test runs with you.

She may need a few more to finally determine whether she wants to date you exclusively.

However, there are most likely a good number of other guys that you are competing with.

Hence, your chances of landing this girl as a girlfriend may not be all that strong.

This is why you should always make sure that you keep your options open by talking to a good number of girls when you are online dating.

This way, you do not put all of your romantic hopes on one girl.