When You Use A Pick Up Line On Dating Apps?

When You Use A Pick Up Line On Dating Apps?

It’s tempting to use a pick up line on dating apps.

For one, it sounds good.

Being that it is a pick up line, you naturally think that it must work on people.

You are tempted to use it.

Maybe the first few times you used it, you garnered responses.

But you realized after a while that those conversations weren’t getting very far.

They had a tendency of fizzling out.

So, you tried another pick up line.

Same thing happened.

You received responses but those conversations eventually fizzled out.

The tricky thing about using pick up lines has much to do with its short-lived effect.

Sure, it can get you some immediate responses, but without good conversational skills, those conversations fizzle out in time.

When you use a pick up line, you are basically copying and pasting the same message to multiple people.

In time, this works against you.

Soon, people on the dating app are going to realize that you are copying and pasting these messages, and your responses will lessen.

The pick up line only works for a short while before people catch on to it and it stops working.

You are focusing on the wrong thing.

Instead of being so concerned with getting as many people as possible to respond to you, you need to work on personalizing your messages.

This requires that you take a good look at a person’s dating profile and send them personalized messages that reference information they included in it.

This takes more time and work on your part.

Unfortunately, many people on dating apps don’t want to put in the work nor have the patience.

They want instant results.

That is why, like you, they use pick up lines or come up with a generic message they can copy and paste.

As aforementioned, this tactic works in generating immediate responses in the short run, but it rarely pays off.

Work on your conversational skills and adopt a strategy of opening messages by using relevant information obtained from the person’s dating profile.

People respond better to opening messages that address information they included in their dating profiles.

To keep conversation going without fizzling out, switch to new topics before an old topic outlives its welcome.

In other words, don’t beat an old topic to death.

Use the new information you gather from a conversation as a source for creating new topics.

Segue into that new topic before the old topic grows stale and the person you are talking to gets bored.

That’s really the key to having successful message exchanges with people on dating apps.

Do the work first.

Yes, it takes more time and effort, but you are rewarded in the end.

When you are presented with a dating profile of someone you are interested in, pay close attention to it, and open up a conversation with the person around information you gleaned from it.

Improve your conversational skills by knowing how and when to segue into new topics.

When you take shortcuts by using pick up lines, you end up losing.

You keep having to come right back to square one.

As the old adage goes, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”