Why Are Dating Apps Filled With Low Quality People?

Why Are Dating Apps Filled With Low Quality People?

Dating apps are open to everyone.

This means that a lot of high quality people along with low quality people are going to sign up.

Thanks to the spread of technology, most people are walking around with mobile phones.

People of all works of life.

It is very convenient to pull out a mobile phone and sign up on a dating app.

There are so many dating apps on the internet.

These are bound to attract people of all kinds.

It’s unfortunate that you have only been encountering low quality people on dating apps.

Nevertheless, try not to be discouraged by this.

Again, given how pervasive the internet is, there are bound to be low quality people in the mix.

It’s nigh impossible to completely eliminate every single low quality person that you encounter on a dating app, but there are ways to mitigate it.

For one, do extensive research on the dating app you choose to sign up on.

So many people never do this.

They just sign up on whatever dating app that seems to be popular.

This is never a good idea.

Popular dating apps are naturally going to attract the most people.

This increases the chances that several of those people are low quality.

Oftentimes, you get better results when you sign up on a smaller dating app that caters to a specific type of individual.

There are dating apps that cater to working professionals for example.

If you are a working professional who wants to be matched with someone of the same caliber, a dating app that caters to working professionals is a good bet.

This isn’t necessarily the most popular dating app, but it caters to a specific group of people.

Consider signing up on smaller dating apps that cater to a specific group of people, which in turn matches the kind of people that you are seeking.

These attract higher quality people.

To further mitigate the constant barrage of low quality people that you encounter on dating apps, avoid free dating apps.

Free dating apps attract a ton of low quality people.

When a service is free, the low quality people congregate because they don’t have to pay for the service.

It’s the same phenomenon in real life.

A nightclub that is free attracts the lowest of the low.

These are people who don’t have jobs or are looking to take advantage of others.

Whereas, a nightclub that isn’t free tends to attract the higher quality people.

In fact, higher quality people are attracted to venues that require a fee to enter.

It filters out the bad apples.

High quality people like being around other high quality people.

The same philosophy applies on dating apps.

High quality people tend to sign up on dating apps that require paid subscriptions.

This way, they ensure that they are on a dating app that attracts other high quality people.

Consider signing up on a dating app that requires a paid subscription to use its features.

Although you are shelling out some money, the benefits of putting yourself among other high quality people far outweighs the expense of the subscription.