Why Are Some Girls On Dating Sites So Sensitive To What Guys Say?

Why Are Some Girls On Dating Sites So Sensitive To What Guys Say?

These are girls who are already sensitive to these issues in the real world.

Girls don’t suddenly change who they are and what they tend to react to simply because they are on dating sites.

They are still the same person, even though they are now using dating sites to meet potential romantic partners.

If you were to say something that tends to make them sensitive on dating sites, they will take it personally.

It would have been the exact same thing had you known these girls in the real world and made the same comments.

If you are noticing a pattern of behavior that whenever you interact with girls on dating sites, you make them so sensitive over a particular topic or more, you should be very careful.

If there has been a pattern of girls who are reacting so sensitively to these comments, it means that these are comments that affect them negatively.

It would not be a good idea to continuously make comments to girls on dating sites that causes them to become so sensitive or emotional.

If you are actually trying to find a girlfriend on dating sites, you may have a very difficult time doing so when you have this kind of approach.

Girls will simply be turned off by you and will not want to chat with you when they get this kind of treatment.

Even though you may believe that these comments are very innocuous, you are not in the minds of these girls.

You may feel that these kind of comments are really not a big deal, but that is coming from your own mindset, not theirs.

Girls may get so sensitive over those kind of comments because they have had a history of experience with it.

They may have had a totally different set of experiences behind those sensitive topics than you have.

You have lived your life as a guy and they have lived their lives as girls.

Hence, they would have a totally different experience when it comes to the sensitive topics in question than you have.

You should try to think about this from their perspective, no matter how innocuous you may believe those comments to be.

You are simply not a girl, nor have you lived through that prism of experience.

Hence, you would not be able to relate to what some of these girls may have experienced based on the sensitive comments that you are making.

Some girls on dating sites are so sensitive to what guys say because they may have already heard comments like that from guys in the past who ended up being verbally abusive to them.

To you, your comments should not be a big deal.

However, to the girls, your comments may remind them of someone who ended up having a very negative impact in their lives.

When you make those comments, you may instantly remind them of the guy and they become so sensitive.

Their sensitivity is not just about being reminded about the guy from their past, it is also a self-defense mechanism.

The moment they get that feeling, their intuition tells them that you may be a guy that they should no longer communicate with.

Their sensitivity warns them that if they were to continue interacting with you, they will find themselves emotionally weakened and battered.

They do not want to go through that experience again and thereby they decide to stop communicating with you.

If you want to find a girlfriend on online dating sites, you need to stop making these girls feel so sensitive around you.

A girl wants to feel safe whenever she interacts with you, not uneasy or defensive.