Why Do Girls Endlessly Email On Dating Sites, But Never Meet?

Why Do Girls Endlessly Email On Dating Sites, But Never Meet?

These are the girls who are on dating sites for the attention.

They may enjoy the kind of attention that they are receiving and just want to maintain that.

They never want to meet with whoever they are endlessly emailing, all they really want is the attention.

Oftentimes, these girls may also be bored in their daily lives.

Hence, they get on dating sites so as to kill time.

Being that they never wanted to meet anyone on dating sites in the first place, they end up routinely endlessly emailing guys on dating sites without any real end goal.

They are glad that they are able to have a distraction from their real lives at the times that they are communicating with these guys on dating sites.

However, if the guys were to ask them about meeting up, they may come up with an excuse or just act as though they didn’t see that particular message.

When they come up with an excuse, they are trying to buy some time.

In other words, they are hoping that their excuse is good enough to give the guy hope that a meet up will happen in the future so that he continues to send them emails.

When they choose to ignore the request, they will often just send an email about something totally unrelated to meeting up in the hopes that the guy will forget about the request and just move on to talk about other topics.

The girls who endlessly email will often continue doing so until the guy has gotten the hint that she has no intention of meeting him in real life and stops emailing her.

Girls may also endlessly email until they get bored with the conversations and consequently move on to another guy.

Girls who endlessly email on dating sites but never meet may also already be in relationships in the real world.

They may be at a period in time where they have either gotten bored with their partner or they feel unappreciated by their partner.

They decide to get on dating sites and proceed to chat with guys because they are just trying to see what else is out there and kill some boredom.

They know that their heart is with their significant other.

That is where their love is.

But sometimes, they just get bored with the relationship and need to experience other guys.

Instead of meeting these guys in the real world, they choose to meet them on dating sites because it just feels more safe.

They are able to convince themselves that they are not cheating on their significant other because all they are doing is simply endlessly emailing guys on dating sites that they have no intention of ever meeting.

For the ones who get on dating sites because they are not feeling appreciated by their significant others, they use the endless emails as a way to make themselves feel more reassurance that they are special.

They like the emails that they receive from guys on dating sites because the guys will often praise them and give them compliments.

This is the kind of praise that she may not be getting from her significant other. These are compliments that she rarely receives in her real life relationship.

Hence, she ends up endlessly emailing guys on dating sites because every time she gets some praise or a compliment, she feels better about herself.

It almost becomes like a drug to her.

She has to get a fix on a regular basis.

She endlessly emails these guys in the hopes that she will continue getting her fix.

However, she never meets with them because she doesn’t want to jeopardize her relationship with her significant other.