Why Do Girls Keep Online Dating Profiles While In A Relationship?

Why Do Girls Keep Online Dating Profiles While In A Relationship?

They may not be entirely sure of what kind of relationship they are in.

In essence, she may feel as though the relationship hasn’t purely been defined and as a result she keeps her online dating profile so as not to be presumptuous about what the relationship is.

Now, if this is a girl that expressly agreed to be in an exclusive relationship with you and she is still keeping her online dating profile, there may be a few reasons for this.

One of them could be that she actually just hasn’t gotten around to deleting or deactivating her online dating profile.

The relationship she has with you may be so fresh and new that she just hasn’t gotten around to doing this.

If this is the case, she will most likely catch that oversight soon and correct it.

This being said, if you are still noticing that she is active on her online dating profile even after getting into an exclusive relationship with you, she may be doing so because she is finding it hard to make herself believe that this relationship will truly work out.

In essence, she may worry that being that her relationship with you is so new, it may not be necessarily able to hold up.

With this in mind, she may worry that if she were not to keep her online dating profile, she may miss out on the possibility of meeting new dating prospects.

A girl with this kind of approach to relationships may have had a history of relationships where her partner cheated on her or she may just have a history of short-lived relationships.

If she has a history of relationships where her partners cheated on her, she may worry that you will do the same and thereby wants to keep her dating options open.

She may keep that online dating profile so that she doesn’t allow herself to get too emotionally attached to you, thereby making the pain of being cheated on that much harder.

As long as she is able to get continuous attention from other guys, she can keep herself from getting too emotionally attached to you.

She may have no intention of actually meeting these guys on dates or even interacting with them on the dating site.

She just wants to keep her online dating profile active so that she just has that outlet and thereby can feel more secure.

If she has had a history of short-lived relationships, she may just not believe that her new relationship with you is going to last.

She may simply believe that you will soon get bored and dump her.

After all, this may be what she has repeatedly experienced in the past.

Hence, she tells herself that it is best to keep her online dating profile even though she is in a relationship with you because the relationship is most likely not going to last anyway.

Again, just as in the scenario of cheating partners, she may have no intention to meet up with any guy that sends her a message on the online dating site.

She may not even want to talk to any of them in anyway.

However, by keeping her online dating profile active, she is able to make herself feel a little bit more secure in that she has a way for other guys to reach her.

Another reason why girls keep online dating profiles while in a relationship could also be because they are simply too addicted to online dating.

They have gotten to the point where they are so used to the constant attention and dates that they may be finding it hard to let go.

Whatever the reason may be, it is best to address this issue with her as soon as possible.

Do so in a conversational manner as opposed to confrontational.

This gives you the best chance at getting her to tell you the truth.