Why Do Guys On Dating Sites Insist I Go To Their Town?

Why Do Guys On Dating Sites Insist I Go To Their Town?

These are guys who don’t really see you as much of a priority or of a high level of importance.

They may enjoy chatting with you on dating sites but they may not want to expend the time and expenditure to actually come to your town and meet you.

By insisting that you go to their town, they are able to eat their cake and have it too.

You get to put in all the effort and expenditure in coming to their town, while they have the luxury of just waiting for you to arrive.

Guys like this are typically not emotionally invested in the woman.

They may like her but they aren’t so invested in her that they are willing to inconvenience themselves by traveling to the woman’s town to meet her on a date.

Guys on dating sites insist that you go to their town because they may actually not be in a position where they can afford to travel to the girl’s town.

Indeed, there are some guys on dating sites who are broke.

This is especially likely if you are using free dating sites or apps.

Free dating sites and apps are often where many broke guys go to meet women.

They don’t have to pay for the service and thereby, they can interact with as many girls as they please.

Guys like this will often be very cheap in their approach to the girl.

If she were to actually acquiesce to coming to their town, they may even have the girl pay for the date or a good chunk of it.

This can leave the girl feeling very frustrated.

After all, she took the time and spent the money to come to their town to meet them and they now find themselves having to either pay for their own portion of a date or pay for both.

Guys on dating sites who insist that you go to their town are typically the kind of guys who are very selfish by nature.

They may have been in past relationships where the girl did just about everything for them.

She was the one who took care of them and showed them affection.

She was the one who set up all the dates.

She was the one who took responsibility in the relationship whenever something would go wrong or there would be an argument.

These are guys who may be used to having girls like this as their girlfriends.

In getting so used to this kind of treatment, they become selfish.

They become less willing to give of themselves or have an equal share in the responsibility of a relationship or courtship.

They bring this kind of attitude with them into dating sites.

When these guys insist that you go to their town, they are showing a very high level of entitlement.

This is the sense of entitlement that they have gotten used to due to their previous relationships.

Hence, they don’t believe that they need to put out any effort when it comes to courtship.

They believe that this should be the girl’s job.

Guys on dating sites who insist that you go to their town are also the kind of guys that are adverse to risk-taking when it comes to courting a girl.

In essence, in a scenario like this, they worry that the girl may not be trustworthy.

They worry that she may actually not turn up for a date.

Hence, in order to mitigate the risk, these guys insist that the girl go to their town.

This way, whether she shows up in their town or not, they don’t risk any expenditure of time or money.

They didn’t have to take themselves to her town, so there is no loss in her never showing up on a date.

All of the onus was on her to show up to their town.

These are the kind of guys that simply don’t trust girls and want to mitigate or greatly reduce any risk to them when it comes to meeting up with a girl in real life.