Opinions About Dating A Player From A Dating Site?

Opinions About Dating A Player From A Dating Site?

Dating a player from a dating site would not be beneficial to you if you are looking for a long-term serious relationship.

Being that you met this player on a dating site, there is a good chance that he is also talking to other girls from the dating site and possibly sleeping with them.

This means that you aren’t the only girl that he is sleeping with.

You have to ask yourself about what it is that you truly want out of being on a dating site.

If you are merely looking to have a casual relationship with no attachments, then a player would probably be one of your better options.

A player will typically keep themselves from developing feelings for a girl and will rarely get attached.

If this is the kind of relationship that you want, a player may totally fit that bill.

However, if you want more of a serious relationship, dating a player from a dating site would not be your best option.

You may look at this player as a challenge that you want to conquer.

You may know that he is talking to other girls on the dating site and this may make you want to keep him to yourself even more.

You may feel as though you are better than those girls and thereby, he should pay attention to you and only you.

These are all emotions that can suck you further and further into his trap.

You start trying to win him over as best you can because you want to be the one that he ultimately chooses.

This can lead you to become really emotionally invested in getting this player from a dating site to commit to you.

The more emotionally invested you become in doing this, the harder it will be to let this go, even when you know that it has become fruitless.

The player wants you to get in this mode.

He knows that by getting you in the mode of trying to win him over, you will become more and more emotionally dependent on him.

Meanwhile, he is doing nothing of the sort with you.

He is not trying to win you over.

By not allowing himself to invest that kind of time and emotional energy on you, he is preventing himself from falling for you.

By the time that you realize that all of your efforts to get him to commit to you exclusively have been worthless, it may be too late.

You may already be in love with him.

This allows the player from a dating site to use you as much as he wants, while still also sleeping with other girls that he is meeting on the dating site.

Understand that a number of those girls are also doing what you have been doing.

They have also been chasing him and trying to get him to commit to only them. By doing this, they will also find themselves in the same position that you find yourself.

They would be emotionally invested in a player who cares nothing for them.

Dating a player from a dating site could also put you in a position where there may be no end to his use of the dating site to talk to and hook up with other girls.

Players find it very difficult to detach from something that provides them with so much of what they want.

In this case, girls.

The dating site provides a seemingly endless supply of girls for a player.

Even if you were to somehow get into an exclusive relationship with this player, it would be very difficult for this player to stop themselves from using the dating site.

It would be like trying to get a drug addict to stop doing drugs.


You may find yourself in a position where you are constantly breaking up and making up with this player because you are both constantly arguing over the fact that he keeps returning to the dating site.