Why Do So Many Guys On Dating Apps Post Photos Of Themselves With A Fish?

Why Do So Many Guys On Dating Apps Post Photos Of Themselves With A Fish?

These guys may be really into fishing.

Perhaps you are in an area where there are guys who tend to fish as a pastime.

There may be lots of lakes, rivers or even an ocean in the area that you live.

These guys on dating apps post these kind of photos oftentimes because they are trying to show you what they love doing for fun.

If fishing is a big part of their lives, they may want to convey that message through the photos that they post.

They believe that they are being authentic about what they like to do when they post photos of themselves with a fish.

They are also hoping that by posting photos of themselves with a fish, they will get the point across to whoever is looking at their dating profile that they are outdoorsy.

In essence, they may be trying to indicate that they would want to attract a woman who loves the outdoors.

Although they have posted photos of themselves with a fish, there is a good chance that fishing isn’t the only activity that they enjoy doing outdoors.

They are essentially using photos of themselves with a fish to send the message that they are the type that really likes to get their hands dirty in the outdoors and engage in other outdoor activities.

Although it may seem strange that you have come across so many guys on dating apps who post photos of themselves with a fish, these guys may use these photos because they believe that they are more tame.

In other words, there may be other outdoor activities that are a lot more rigorous or even somewhat controversial that they like to engage in.

However, they worry that if they were to post a photo of themselves with a dead deer as they hold a rifle in their hands with a big grin or a photo that shows them in a cabin in the middle of a mud soaked jungle, they could easily turn women off.

Hence, they use something more tame like fish to indicate that they do love the outdoors, although some of that love may involve hunting wild animal game or venturing into a mud soaked uninviting jungle to spend a vacation.

Guys on dating apps post these photos because they may not have a lot of other options when it comes to the photos that they have available to them.

Again, if you live in an area with a lot of lakes, rivers or an ocean, the likelihood that a good number of guys in the area go fishing on a regular basis is strong.

Hence, these kind of photos will often be a part of a guy’s photo album.

However, there are many guys who simply don’t take that many photos of themselves.

As a result, when they join a dating app and now have to post photos, they realize that they simply don’t have that much variety to choose from.

They don’t want to post some boring photo that shows them just lounging about the house, so they choose to post the photos with them and fish.

They figure that these photos are at least a little bit more exciting than the boring home photos that they have.

Some of them may even tell themselves that they will have to take new photos to post on their online dating profiles at a future date.

However, for now, they settle for the photos with fish.