Online Dating: Why Would A Guy Give His Number If He Isn’t Interested?

Online Dating: Why Would A Guy Give His Number If He Isn't Interested?

This guy may have gotten caught up in the moment.

When you asked to exchange numbers or he simply volunteered it, he may have given it because he felt that it was the appropriate thing to do at the time.

The both of you may have already had several conversations on the dating site before you requested to exchange numbers or he volunteered to give you his number.

Hence, it may have simply felt like the right thing to do at the time.

However, since then, he may have not followed through in either texting, calling or setting up a date with you.

This is something that does happen in online dating with some frequency.

People exchange numbers all the time but don’t always follow through in taking their interaction with a person to the next level.

Oftentimes, it is due to fear.

Taking communication away from a dating app or dating site to phone exchanges can often feel intimidating.

It gets more real now.

Sometimes, people aren’t quite ready to make this transition.

This may be why you have now noticed that this guy who was willing to give you his number has now seemingly disappeared from the picture.

He may have thought that he was ready to move his interaction with you to something more personal in terms of communicating.

However, the reality of actually messaging you through his phone may have been too much for him to handle.

He may worry that he will not come off the right way over the phone compared to how he comes off online.

There are people who truly worry about this.

They get so comfortable with chatting with people on a dating site that they become very hesitant to start using another medium of communication that is more personal.

Again, he may have initially made himself believe that he was prepared for this transition.

This is especially true if the both of you have been chatting for a decent amount of time on the dating site and have been getting along.

However, once the reality of contacting you over the phone sunk in, he may have simply gotten cold feet.

He just couldn’t bring himself to do it.

Sometimes this fear may go beyond the intimidation of starting a new medium of communication.

It may also have to do with a person who isn’t ready for a relationship and who is now worried that by exchanging numbers with you, there is going to be a new set of expectations on the interaction.

This may be a guy who is fearful that if he were to begin communicating with you over the phone, you may start expecting him to court you in a much more progressive manner.

Perhaps he is simply not ready to put that kind of responsibility on himself.

He may simply enjoy the anonymity and lightheartedness of engaging in conversations with random people on a dating app.

He may truly not be at a place where he would want any more responsibility than that.