Women, What Are Your Reasons To Do Online Dating?

Women, What Are Your Reasons To Do Online Dating?

For some women, finding love and romance is a strong enough reason to do online dating despite certain misgivings that they may have.

They may have always met people to date through the traditional channels in the real world.

They may have been introduced to these people by friends, family or may have met them at work.

However, all these relationships may have failed. Some of them may have failed miserably.

When, as a woman, you have devoted and invested so much time and hard work in a relationship with someone that you met in real life only to have that relationship ultimately crumble, it can be very hard to take.

This is especially true if she has experienced a pattern of this.

She may get to the point where she starts questioning herself and her appeal.

She may start asking herself why she always seems to have these kind of relationships that may have started well but then end so badly.

She may wonder how she didn’t see the signs.

She may get frustrated that the same thing keeps happening time and time again.

It gets to a point with her that she may even disavow dating and relationships altogether.

She may just decide that it is best to go about life alone and let go of this whole relationship thing.

She may go through this period for a while.

She may travel, start new hobbies, get more education, etc.

However, eventually, she does get to a point where she feels lonely.

She hates that she finds herself in this position sometimes but she can’t help it.

Those moments may happen as she is reading a good book at home, looks outside the window at her neighbors who just got back from dinner at a restaurant and are holding hands as they walk into their home.

Those moments may happen again as she is grocery shopping and she notices a couple at the vegetable aisle picking vegetables and giggling as they prepare to make dinner at home that night.

She may try her best to cast a blind eye to these things but they are around her.

As much as she continues trying to dedicate quality time to herself and eschew thinking about dating and relationships, she still has these weak moments where she is reminded about what it is like to be dating or to be in a relationship with someone.

Eventually, she can no longer keep those feelings at bay.

Indeed, she is lonely, she does want to find love and romance again.

She decides to give it a go.

However, this time, so as to avoid all of her past mistakes or mishaps, she is going to go about it all differently.

Instead of meeting someone through friends, family or work, she is going to try online dating.

She is going to do this because not only does she want to expand the pool of possible romantic matches she can meet but she also wants to take her time to get to know this person online first.

Perhaps she believes that one of the reasons why all of her real life relationships failed in the past was because she never really vetted the people she dated.

She is not going to make that mistake again because she doesn’t want any unpleasant surprises down the road.

She may want to experience love and romance again, but this time, she is going to do it on her own terms.