Would You Stay With Your Husband If You Found Out He Has Been Using Dating Sites?

Would You Stay With Your Husband If You Found Out He Has Been Using Dating Sites?

It would be difficult to stay with your husband if you found out that he has been actively using dating sites.

However, before you draw this conclusion, you should be really clear about what has been going on.

If he has been using dating sites, you must make sure that he has only been recently using them.

In other words, he may have had online dating accounts from a time before he married you.

He may have since forgotten about those online dating accounts.

This does happen often.

There are many completely inactive online dating accounts out there that people who have since moved on to serious relationships never deleted on dating sites.

If this is the case with your husband, you should stay with him.

Clearly, he simply forgot about these online dating accounts.

As long as you are able to ascertain that he hasn’t been active on those dating sites in any way since he married you, there is no cause for alarm.

All that is required at this point is to simply delete those online dating accounts and it is done.

Another scenario where it would be prudent to stay with your husband is when there may be scammers involved.

There are many scammers who use dating sites to get people to give them personal information about themselves so as to gain financially.

Oftentimes, these scammers will steal the images of people online and use these as fake profile pictures.

Oftentimes, the people who are in these pictures have no idea that their images have been stolen online.

These scammers then proceed to act as though they are the person.

They start communicating with multiple people across multiple dating sites in the hopes that they will be able to get a few to fall for them and divulge personal information that they can then use for financial gain.

Your husband may have been a victim of one or more of these scammers.

It is not difficult at all to steal images of people off the internet and then use those images in fake online dating profiles on dating sites.

This is something that happens a lot online.

Hence, before making a quick judgment on your husband, you should first ensure that he wasn’t the victim of a scammer.

Also, you should not be quite so quick to leave your husband if upon further investigation you discover that his old online dating accounts were hacked.

He may have had old online dating accounts from a time before he married you.

He may have long forgotten about those online dating accounts ever since he married you and hasn’t been anywhere near an online dating site.

However, as long as those online dating accounts still exist in cyberspace, someone who is technologically savvy can hack into those accounts and use them as though they are your husband.

This makes it easier for the person to pretend that they are someone that they are not online.

This way, they can start interacting with people online anonymously and take advantage of whoever falls for them.

These are all things that happen in the world of cyberspace.

The anonymity of cyberspace has allowed people to take full advantage of other unsuspecting people.

Now, if you have conducted your investigation and have discovered no foul play, you have a big decision to make.

If indeed your husband has been using dating sites, figuring out whether you should stay with him or not may be the most difficult decision you will have to make in your life.

On the one hand, it could be a cry for help, but on the other hand, it could be an indication that he is no longer emotionally available to you.

In using dating sites while being married to you, even if he is yet to physically meet any woman from dating sites, he can still end up having an emotional affair with a woman.

This means that, whether he meets a woman physically or not through dating sites, he would still not have the capacity to love you the way he once did.

In essence, it may get to the point where it feels as though you are both just going through the motions of day to day life in your marriage, but there is no passion there.

This would be a difficult marriage to stay in.