A Guy I Met On An Online Dating Site Ghosted Me, And Now He’s Back?

A Guy I Met On An Online Dating Site Ghosted Me, And Now He's Back?

This is a guy who may be trying to take advantage of you.

If he ghosted you, after having met and interacted with you on an online dating site, he didn’t have much interest in you.

There is a good chance that he has been spending all this time while ghosting you, trying to talk to other girls or go out with them.

In essence, he may have had a number of other girls that he was interested in a lot more than you.

His interaction with these girls may not have been fruitful and now he’s back.

The danger of resuming interaction with this guy that you met on an online dating site is that he may simply be intending to use you for the interim.

He may be hoping that some other girl comes along that he is more interested in.

If that were to happen, he would most likely ghost you again.

You would have spent all this time trying to get reacquainted with him, only to have him ghost on you once more.

This would be upsetting.

You would have put in more time into someone that cared less about you and more so about using you as a backup until someone better would come along.

This was the time and effort that you could have spent in getting to know other guys on the online dating site, some of whom you may have ultimately connected with.

Instead, you spent it on this guy who had already ghosted you in the past.

Now that he’s back, it is best that you don’t become overly excited and choose to resume communicating with him.

Through his past actions, he has already shown you what kind of character he is.

It is really important that you don’t allow yourself the time to even have a brief conversation with him, even if you feel that you would simply want to ask him about why he ghosted you and nothing more.

Communicating with him for this reason can still be a trap.

You could possibly fall for what he tells you and before you realize it, you would give him a second chance.

Again, giving a guy like this a second chance after he has already shown you what his character is like in ghosting you the first time, would make you vulnerable to experiencing a repeat of this kind of behavior.

By letting him back in, he knows that he is able to get away with this kind of behavior.

This would be the wrong kind of tone to set with this guy or any other guy that you meet on an online dating site.

Even if there were no other girls that he was more interested in, there was still a reason why he ghosted you.

It could have something to do with your personality or something about how the both of you interact.

That reason hasn’t changed simply because he’s back.

Even if he has told himself that he can overlook the issue, he will only be able to do this for a short period of time before that issue becomes prevalent once again.

At this point, he will most likely start cutting back communication with you until he ghosts on you once again.