Anyone Feel That The Questions Online Dating Sites Ask Are Making Us Superficial?

Anyone Feel That The Questions Online Dating Sites Ask Are Making Us Superficial?

The questions that online dating sites ask aren’t necessarily making us superficial.

These are questions that the online dating sites use in order to send you the most relevant matches.

Online dating sites do not innately know what you like.

They have to ask these questions so that they can get a very good sense of what you are like as a person and what you look for in a romantic partner.

In real life, we don’t have to say why we like this or that person.

We just know that we do.

Hence, when we see a person that we like, we know that we like them.

We would feel it because we already innately know the kind of people that we are attracted to.

In real life, we don’t have to input that information into a machine or computer.

In real life, we already mentally know what we like.

Hence, when we meet that person that we innately know that we like, there is no doubt.

That person may have met all of the ideas in our minds of what we want in a person.

Some of these ideas may sound superficial in nature.

However, there is nothing wrong with knowing what you are attracted to and what you are not.

Most people need to be attracted to a person before they consider getting to know the person as a possible romantic prospect.

This is human nature.

It is what that has allowed the human race to persist and exist.

Without some form of attraction, most people would hide and not mingle.

Hence, the human race would most likely have ceased to exist long ago.

There is nothing wrong with having requirements.

It doesn’t make us unreasonably superficial. It is very human.

Indeed, there are some people that can take these requirements too far, but that is another story.

When you are dealing with online dating sites, they have no idea what it is that you like in a person.

Hence, you are asked the kind of questions that you would normally not have to answer when you are dating and meeting people in the real world.

It may seem really superficial now because we are being asked by online dating sites to input this information.

However, it is no different than the way it would have been if we were required to recite the qualities that we are looking for in a romantic partner in the real world.

If you were dating someone in the real world and a person were to stop the both of you and ask you why you were attracted to that person in the first place, you would now be in a position where your answers may seem superficial.

However, we are rarely asked these kind of questions when we are dating people in the real world.

We just innately know what we are attracted to and thereby, there is no need to recite that to the world.

Online dating sites do not have that luxury.

Online dating sites cannot get into your head in order to know what kind of people that you are attracted to.

This is why online dating sites have to ask these questions.

Now that you as a person have to input this information into your online dating profile, it may seem like you are being superficial.

Now that you have to look at what you like in print in front of you, it may feel odd.

However, this is what you like in the real world.

You just never had to write it down or input it into a computer.

The questions that online dating sites ask do not make us superficial.

We were already superficial to begin with.