Are A Man’s Profile Pictures The #1 Priority For Women Who Are Online Dating?

Are A Man's Profile Pictures The #1 Priority For Women Who Are Online Dating?

A man’s profile pictures are most certainly a priority for women who are online dating.

The majority of women, just like men, want to be attracted to whoever it is that they hope will eventually become a romantic partner.

However, a man’s profile pictures are not necessarily the #1 priority for women who are online dating because they are looking to find a serious, long-term romantic partner.

In a scenario like this, a man’s profile pictures goes hand in hand with what he wrote on his online dating profile.

If a woman is looking for a serious, long-term relationship, she is not only going to be drawn to a man’s profile pictures.

She is also going to be drawn to what he writes on his online dating profile.

These two are actually very important.

If the man has very attractive pictures but his online dating profile is not well-written or doesn’t meet other major requirements that she is looking for in a long-term partner, the woman may actually take a pass on replying to the man’s message or initiating a message to him.

She knows that even though the man’s profile pictures show that he is attractive, she is looking for more than just physical attraction.

She is looking for a life partner.

That outcome is actually her #1 priority.

Hence, she is going to be looking at a number of other factors that will help her determine whether this is a man that she would want to start spending the time and effort to get to know.

Now, these are typically women who are looking for a serious, long-term relationship.

On the other hand, women who are just looking for a fling or to hook up would put less emphasis on what the man had to say in his online dating profile.

They would indeed be more focused on the man’s profile pictures.

Being that they are not looking to get into a serious relationship with him, they would want to make sure that they are very physically attracted to him.

However, these women would still check out his online dating profile and read what he wrote.

They are basically doing this to check for major red flags or deal breakers.

A man who is really attractive to them would be able to get away with a lot on his online dating profile, but not everything.

For one, even women who are only looking for a hookup on an online dating site would check to see if the man is able to write in an intelligible manner.

Though their #1 priority for joining the online dating site was to hook up with very attractive men, a man with some form of intelligence is still important to them.

In essence, they still want to know that they will be able to have a decent conversation with the man when they meet him in person.

This meeting is often where they determine whether they have chemistry with the guy.

If the guy can’t even string a sentence together in an intelligible manner, it is unlikely that they would feel the required amount of chemistry with him in this face to face meeting to warrant hooking up with him.

Thereby, they will still check to see that the man can at least write basic grammar.

If they feel that this man writes so bad that he probably can’t spell his own name, they may actually get turned off by the man.

They may actually decide to bypass him.

They know that there are other very attractive men that they are going to come across on the online dating site.

Hence, they simply move on to the next man’s online dating profile or they go back into their message inbox to see if they can find another message from a very attractive man.

Something else that even these women that are only looking for a hookup would check for on the man’s profile would be how highly he talks about himself.

Again, though they may love his pictures and how attractive he appears, they don’t want to meet a man who is completely full of himself.

Overtly arrogant men can be an incredible turn off to even women who are just looking to hook up with very attractive men on an online dating site.

This factor can be a total deal breaker for many of these women.