Girls, When A Guy Lies About His Height On An Online Dating Service, Are You Upset That He Actually Lied Or That He’s Short?

Girls, When A Guy Lies About His Height On An Online Dating Service, Are You Upset That He Actually Lied Or That He's Short?

For most girls, they would be more upset that he actually lied about his height as opposed to the fact that he is short.

When girls join an online dating service, they will often include the height requirements of a guy that they would like to date.

The majority of girls will often want to date a guy who is tall, or at least, taller than they are.

Now, guys who are short are often going to feel insecure about the fact that most of the profiles of attractive girls that they come across have a height requirement that is tall or taller than they are.

These are often going to be the most attractive girls on the online dating service.

Being that these guys really want to date these attractive girls, they may get frustrated after a while.

They are so desperate for the girl to respond to a message that they may send her that they will go as far as to blatantly lie about their height on an online dating service.

They hope that they will be able to get a girl that they find to be attractive to respond to their message, thanks to their fabricated height increase.

This is never a good idea.

These girls have made their height requirements clear.

You should respect those requirements.

You probably wouldn’t like it if a bunch of overweight girls kept messaging you, especially after having specified in your online dating profile that you were looking for girls of slim or athletic build.

You would be doing the same thing to these girls when you message them after having lied about your height.

These girls may spend precious time and effort talking to you on an online dating service, only to find out when they meet you on an actual date that you were lying the whole time.

At this stage, even these girls who had a height requirement for a tall or taller man, would be more upset over the fact that you lied to them than that you are actually short.

What you need to understand is that some of these girls may have actually dated short men in the real world.

They may have even been in long-term relationships with guys who were short.

It is not that these girls wouldn’t entertain the idea of dating a short man, it is that they just have a preference.

They may have had a preference to date tall or taller men when they were dating men in the real world, before they ever joined an online dating service.

However, they found themselves often getting into relationships with short men.

They may have had wonderful relationships with these men.

In fact, some of them may have even joined an online dating service because the last man that they were in a long-term relationship with broke up with them and that man may have even been short.

Once they get on an online dating service, they are asked superficial questions about what kind of height, body type, eye color, etc., that they would want in a romantic a partner.

Naturally, these attractive girls include preferences for the guy that they would consider to be their perfect match.

Even though, their height requirement is taller than what you are, it doesn’t mean that these girls are unwilling to date a short man.

Oftentimes, girls who are using an online dating service who have had good relationships with short men as boyfriends in the real world will eventually come back to seeking out these men on the online dating service.

This is often because they are not meeting the right kind of tall men on the online dating service.

In other words, the tall men that they are meeting may not be relationship material.

They may be players.

Being that the majority of girls on an online dating service are going to have a preference for tall men in their online dating profile, these men are able to date as many attractive girls as they can handle.

This often means that many of them will simply become players.

Many of these girls become the wiser after a few negative experiences and begin broadening their requirements when it comes to the height of a possible romantic interest.

In other words, as long as you are patient and continue having a positive attitude on an online dating service, some attractive girls will soon come around to checking your profile out.

This is how it is on an online dating service.

It is a meat market and people tend to go for the rarest meat when given a choice.

Tall men are the rarest meat.

However, they are not the majority of men.

Some attractive girls who have bad experiences with tall men who have essentially become players on an online dating service, eventually start giving shorter men a chance.

The short guys who have the most success on an online dating service are the ones who are willing to bide their time and be patient.

They have a realistic attitude when it comes to using an online dating service.

They know that it is a meat market and being that they are short, they are not at the top of the dating food chain.

Thereby, they make sure that they aren’t only sending messages to the most attractive girls on an online dating service.

They are also sending messages to girls of varying levels of physical appeal.

So, you need to mix it up and be patient.

Do not lie about your height.

You will be eventually be rewarded for this.