Are Dating Profiles Without Faces Trying To Weed Out The Superficial People?

Are Dating Profiles Without Faces Trying To Weed Out The Superficial People?

Dating profiles without faces are as such for a number of reasons.

Weeding out the superficial people is a part of it, amongst others.

Those who are doing this to weed out superficial people are normally people who don’t consider themselves to be that attractive.

In most cases, this is someone who is overweight or facially unattractive.

She isn’t confident about her looks and worries that in posting pics of her face on her dating profile, she won’t get any matches from men.

In this situation, she is hoping that she gets matched with people who aren’t superficial.

Believing that she is overweight or facially unattractive has her hoping that whoever chooses to match with her doesn’t care as much about looks, and more so about personality.

Upon receiving this match, she is counting on spending quality time getting to know each other for a sustained period of time, so that when the time to reveal her face inevitably arrives, she has the best odds of keeping him interested in her.

This is a guy who has fallen for her personality and isn’t as concerned about her physicality.

As previously stated, dating profiles without faces are as such for a multitude of reasons.

Some people do it so as not to be recognized by people they know.

In posting a face to her dating profile, she is exposing herself to the world on a dating app.

She isn’t keen on doing that when she has more of a conservative mindset and wouldn’t want people who know her from work, school, church, or her community to recognize her.

She is naturally discreet.

In having a dating profile without a face, she protects her privacy.

An alternate reason why a person has a dating profile without a face has to do with how comfortable she is with dating apps.

She has heard the horror stories about people being taken advantage of and having their identities stolen on the internet.

In her mind, it is risky for her to post a picture to her dating profile.

Someone could steal her picture and use it across the internet to scam people.

The internet has her paranoid.

She isn’t wrong either.

There are lots of scammers on the internet who steal pics from random people on the internet.

In creating a dating profile without including a pic, she believes she is protecting her identity.

There is another prevalent reason why there are dating profiles without faces.

There are people who don’t have any adequate pics when they sign up on a dating app.

She created a dating profile but didn’t have any good up-to-date photos of herself to use.

She chose to create the dating profile anyway, believing that she will get some photos of herself taken in short order and post those on her dating profile.

Sometimes, weeks, months or years go by before she posts any pics of herself.

Life happens and she keeps procrastinating on getting the freshest pictures of herself taken.

Oftentimes, she hastens the pace of getting photos on her dating profile when she isn’t receiving any matches, or barely any.

With this in mind, there is hope that she is going to post pics of her face on her dating profile.

To find out, return to her dating profile a few times over the course of the next few weeks.