Online Dating: Do All Pictures Need To Show Your Face?

Online Dating: Do All Pictures Need To Show Your Face?

As long as you have a good number of pictures that show your face, not all of your pictures need to show your face.

There are pictures you have that don’t show your face but you believe are interesting and give further context to the pictures you do have that show your face.

These are fine.

After all, you are on a dating app to show people what you are all about.

That message is conveyed through an assortment of pictures and they don’t all have to have your face present.

Although it’s fine to post these pictures, be sure to make them relevant.

Prospective matches need to have a good grasp of why those pictures are on your dating profile.

Being that your face isn’t in the picture, the picture’s purpose has to make sense.

This means that you shouldn’t take the liberty of posting pictures simply on account of how much you like them or how pretty you think they look.

A prospective match who is looking at your dating profile is liable to get confused if your pictures lack relevance to those that show your face.

The pictures that have your face and those that don’t should have a synergy to them.

A lack of synergy makes your pictures somewhat of a mess and you don’t want this.

When the pictures that don’t show your face become too esoteric in nature, you are doing it wrong.

These esoteric pictures have little relevance to the rest of your dating profile.

For example, if you have a sequence of pictures with you showing your face as you participate in outdoorsy activities, it would be strange to follow these up with a series of pictures of an antique chimney.

It doesn’t compute.

It takes a prospective match out of it as they scratch their head in bewilderment.

Posting random pictures for the sake of it isn’t a smart approach.

It doesn’t matter how much you love an expansive picture of a lake that you photographed last summer on a camping trip, if a prospective match doesn’t get to see whether you did anything on or by the lake.

Having a picture of a lake without much context doesn’t do you much good.

On the contrary, if you have pictures of yourself that show your face as you fish on the same lake or camp right next to it, you have provided context.

It now makes sense to have an expansive picture of the lake without you in it, so that a prospective date gets a wider perspective of what the lake looks like.

You see how it works?

Have your pictures be congruent with each other.

Where there are pictures that don’t show your face, they should fit naturally into the tenor of the rest of your pictures and your dating profile as a whole.

A random picture of something that doesn’t seem to fit into the tenor of your dating profile is off-putting.

If you get too creative with the pictures that don’t show your face and start posting a number of random pictures because you so happen to like the pictures, it has a negative effect in making people more confused than enlightened.

This doesn’t do you any good.

It leads to a prospective match deciding not to swipe left on your dating profile, surmising that you are grappling with figuring out who you are and what you represent.