Online Dating: Should I Cancel The Date?

Online Dating: Should I Cancel The Date?

It felt right at the time.

You agreed to a date with a guy you have been having good conversations with on a dating site.

At present, you are having second thoughts and considering canceling the date.

There are any number of reasons why a woman would want to cancel on a date.

There are obvious reasons that don’t need any further debate as to whether you should cancel the date or not.

For example, you did research on him on the internet and uncovered that he is a dangerous criminal or something to that end.

Clearly, this information speaks for itself.

You cancel the date.

That’s it.

Nothing to think about here.

That being said, in your case, you haven’t uncovered such a black and white reason.

No, it’s obviously not going to be that cut and dry.

In your case, you just realized that you aren’t as enthused to go on the date.

You didn’t suspect that this would happen.

When you agreed to the date, you were excited about it.

Unfortunately, that feeling didn’t last and you don’t know why exactly.

Maybe it’s because you have since talked to other men on the dating site who have piqued your interest and now, the prospect of meeting up with this guy feels like it would be a waste of time.

Maybe it has to do with playing over conversations you have had with this guy in your head over and over and realizing that you don’t have as much in common with him as you thought you did.

Maybe it’s something he said in a prior conversation that rubbed you the wrong way but you didn’t realize it at the time.

Whatever the reason is, you have arrived at a crossroads as to whether you should cancel this date.

When you are debating whether to cancel a date with a guy, consider whether you see yourself going out with him at a later date.

If you don’t see that, cancel the date.

When you can’t see yourself going out on a later date with him, you don’t see potential.

That means that your conversations with him haven’t given you a reason to believe that learning more about him would change the likelihood that you would want to meet him on a later date.

Consider something else.

Your dating history.

How often do you cancel dates?

Do you have a history of canceling dates?

If so, do you ever regret canceling those dates?

A history of canceling on dates and never regretting it, speaks to someone who loves the attention that comes with talking to someone of romantic potential, but rarely wants to take it further than that.

Sometimes, you aren’t aware that this is what you are doing.

It is often triggered by a past relationship that ended badly, leaving you feeling emotionally spent and traumatized.

This triggers an imaginary wall to come up.

As time goes on, you make yourself believe that you are ready to start dating again.

This is what causes you to agree to a date.

Later, the doubt arises and you are ruminating over canceling the date.

This is how you protect yourself emotionally.

Again, you may be doing this subconsciously without realizing it.

Look back on your dating history to see how often you cancel dates.

Where there is a pattern of behavior, it’s best to take a temporary break from dating altogether and work on what you need to heal from within.

The people who are successful at this, forgive their ex internally, and then proceed to live life with purpose.

They push themselves to rediscover who they are and what makes them passionate about life.

This is the road they travel until they come to a place of such self-awareness, their hearts and minds are open to what life brings.

It is only then you know that you are emotionally ready to date again.