Are You Ever Disappointed In How People Look In Real Life vs. Their Online Dating Profile?

Are You Ever Disappointed In How People Look In Real Life vs. Their Online Dating Profile?

Becoming disappointed over how people look in real life versus their online dating profile is something that is a common occurrence in online dating.

You may have had a totally different impression of what this person would look like in real life.

You may have gotten a really good impression through the person’s online dating profile that this person was going to look in a particular way that appealed to you.

Upon meeting them in real life, you are left disappointed.

Unfortunately, there are people who post misleading pictures on their online dating profiles.

These people may post pictures of themselves from several years ago when they were younger and slimmer.

These people may post pictures of themselves from various angles that make them appear to be a lot more attractive than they truly are.

These people may even find ways to photoshop their pictures so that they are able to remove imperfections from their faces or different parts of their bodies.

There are people who do this on online dating sites.

Someone may get really disappointed when they meet these people in real life on a date only to discover that they don’t look anywhere near as good.

Having this kind of experience comes with online dating.

There are a lot of wonderful benefits to online dating.

However, there are some negatives.

This negative is not so much the fault of online dating sites but more so the fault of the people who choose to be deceitful when they start online dating.

Online dating sites can only do so much.

They cannot control how certain people who choose to use their services will behave.

This is why you should always keep yourself from getting too caught up in how good a person looks on their online dating profile.

Indeed, this person may truly look that good in real life but you don’t really know that quite yet.

Hence, it is best to keep your excitement in check when you start interacting with someone who looks really attractive in their online dating profile pictures.

Keeping your emotions and excitement in check helps to keep you from getting disappointed if you meet people in real life who don’t look as good as they represented themselves in their online dating profiles.

Another way that you can prevent yourself from getting disappointed with how people look in real life versus their online dating profiles is by engaging in video calls with them before ever meeting them in real life.

After chatting on the online dating site for a while, you should move discussion away from the online dating site.

One of the best mediums to start using when you move away from communicating solely on the online dating site is to engage in video calls.

Some smartphones have this feature.

If you have one that doesn’t, you can easily download an app that allows you to engage in video calls.

You can also engage in video calls from your computer.

You will need to get a camera unless you are using a laptop that already has a built in camera.

Affordable cameras are easy to find at a local electronics store.

Engaging in video calls gives you a magnificent opportunity to see what this person looks like in real life.

It takes away the fear of being disappointed in what people look like in real life upon meeting them on a date because you would already know what they truly look like beforehand.

If you have found that you are always disappointed in how people look in real life versus their online dating profiles, you should probably strongly consider doing video calls with people before trying to meet them on a date in real life.

This can save you a lot of frustration and worry.