Catfished My Online Boyfriend?

Catfished My Online Boyfriend?

Catfishing was a desperate effort by you to assuage your dissatisfaction with the way you look and what your life is like.

Now you have an online boyfriend that you didn’t expect.

Perhaps you never really thought that your correspondence with this guy would have gotten as far as a relationship.

You may have just been hoping to get online and just be someone else for a while.

You may have just wanted to get away from your life.

Perhaps you really didn’t think much of it at the time.

After all, this is the internet.

There must be a ton of people who are pretending to be a person that they aren’t.

You would only be one of the many.

After finding ways to justify doing what you were about to do, you got online and chose to be someone that you are not.

You posted fake pictures of yourself.

You probably made sure that those pictures were of an attractive person.

Why not?

You are trying to escape your reality after all.

You might as well go all out and pretend to be a person that is quite insanely good-looking.

Then you made up your personal story.

You created that imaginary person that you have often fantasized about.

You made her story amazing. A real page turner.

Then in comes the guy who is to become your online boyfriend.

You were not expecting this.

In fact, you have already been getting a ton of attention from guys since you put up your online profile.

It has been fun and harmless.

You are actually getting quite used to this.

You feel as though you are getting a hang of being this other person that you are catfishing as.

But, you know, in comes this guy.

Who is he?

He seems different from all the other guys that you have been chatting with online so far.

He is just so unique.

He is making you feel something that you didn’t think possible.

Your conversations with him are just so amazing.

You just love how he seems to understand you.

Now you find yourself going to sleep thinking about him.

You also wake up thinking about him.

You quickly check your fake online profile to see if he has responded to your last message or if he has started a new conversation.

You go about your daily life in the real world thinking about this guy.

Then the unbelievable happens.

He wants you to become his girlfriend.

At first, you hesitate.

After all, how on earth is this going to work. You are catfishing him online pretending to be someone that you really aren’t.

Though this is true and you know that you shouldn’t, you agree to be his girlfriend anyway.

Things have been amazing ever since.

The both of you chat everyday and he continues to be the last thing that you think about at night and the first thing that you think about in the morning.

This catfishing thing was never supposed to go this far.

Now you have an online boyfriend who believes that you are someone that you are not.

The longer you stay in this relationship, the deeper your feelings for him become.

You know that you are only living a lie and yet you cannot stop yourself from wanting to be with him.

You begin to ask yourself about how you can make this work.

Is there any possible way that you could reveal yourself for who you really are to this boyfriend and have him accept you?

The answer to this question is that there isn’t.

You have taken things too far with him.

Your best cause of action would be to stop communicating with him and stop catfishing altogether.

You have learned that things are never as simple as you may make yourself believe.

As long as you are a human being with emotions, there is a chance that you can still fall for someone online even while pretending to be someone else.