Did My First Date With This Guy That I Met On A Dating Website Go Terribly?

Did My First Date With This Guy That I Met On A Dating Website Go Terribly?

If he has yet to set up a second date with you, there is a good chance that your first date with this guy did go terribly.

You may have really hit if off with him when you both met on a dating website.

Perhaps you both learned that you have a lot in common.

The conversations that you had with him on the dating website may have really flowed with ease.

The both of you had no difficulty in coming up with new topics to talk about.

You may have both felt really good about each other.

This positive experience with each other may have been what led to the both of you agreeing to this first date.

Perhaps you were nervous about it.

You were excited about getting to meet him but you were also worried that you would mess up in some way.

The first date happened and now you are wondering whether it went terribly.

There is a reason why you may feel like the first date went terribly.

Perhaps, you were not yourself on this date.

You may have been so nervous before the date that you made yourself really anxious.

As a result, when you arrived at the date, you may not have been as open and talkative as you were when you would interact with this guy on a dating website.

This often happens to people who are really nervous about their first date with someone that they really like from a dating website.

They worry that they will say or do something that will turn the person off.

They make themselves so anxious that they ultimately play it really safe on the date itself.

You may have kept yourself from speaking freely and spontaneously because you were really worried about saying something that would make you look bad or turn him off.

Unfortunately, this may have been what led to your date going terribly.

This guy expected to experience the same person that he has been talking to on the dating website.

That was who he wanted to meet on this first date.

That was who he was excited about experiencing in a real life face to face meeting.

Indeed, he may have also been somewhat nervous.

However, he may have still managed to be himself at the date.

If you weren’t yourself, he may have been turned off.

If you are worried about whether the first date that you had with this guy that you met on a dating website went terribly, it may be because you noticed that the date ended with a whimper.

There may have been a lot of energy coming from his part at the beginning of the date.

He was excited to meet you and may have been open with showing this excitement.

However, as the date wore on, you may have noticed that his energy level drastically reduced.

This is often because a guy is beginning to lose interest.

A first date that went well typically builds in momentum as it wears on.

If your first date was decelerating in momentum, he was most likely becoming more and more despondent that you weren’t showing him the personality that he had experienced when he was corresponding with you on the dating website.

By the time you both got to the end of the date, he may have given you a brief stiff hug and left.

He may not have even texted you to find out whether you got home okay.

This is normally a sign that the first date went terribly.

From this point forward, understand that you will always have a better chance of having a successful first date when you are yourself.

Regardless of how nervous you may feel about the date, you still have to show your date that you are the same personality that they experienced on the dating website.

Throw caution to the wind and just be you.