Why Does This Guy That I Met On A Dating Website Keep Flaking On Dates But Then Seeks Me Out After?

Why Does This Guy That I Met On A Dating Website Keep Flaking On Dates But Then Seeks Me Out After?

This guy may be juggling dating multiple women at the same time and flakes on dates with you out of an embarrassment of riches in dating options.

You may not be at the highest level of priority to him.

Hence, if he makes a date arrangement with you but another girl that he desires more than you makes herself available around the same time, he will flake on you and meet this other girl on a date instead.

However, when he gets into a period where he isn’t having much luck with meeting more girls that he would really like to date, he seeks you out.

Being that he has already been out on a date with you in the past, he knows that it would be easier for him to try to get a date with you than it would be for him to try to find a date with a new girl.

Hence, when he seeks you out like this, after some time has passed, he is trying to use you as an in-between.

He knows that you aren’t really someone that he is all that interested in.

However, he does like some elements about you.

He may find you to be relatively attractive.

Perhaps, not as attractive as he would want, but attractive nonetheless.

He may enjoy his conversations with you.

Perhaps not as much as the conversations that he has had with girls that he liked more than you in the past.

In essence, he is kinda lukewarm on you.

You interest him to a degree, but you don’t get him really pumped or excited.

At least, not like some of the other girls that he has met on a dating website.

He will keep flaking on dates with you as long as someone else that he likes more makes themselves available to him.

This guy that you met on a dating website keeps flaking on dates but then seeks you out after because he may be constantly getting back with an ex.

He may have broken up with an ex some time back.

However, after a period of time, that ex contacts him.

Since he still has feelings for that ex, he may get back into conversation with her.

The both of them may meet each other for dates.

They may even start hooking up again.

At the times that this guy has flaked on dates with you, he may have agreed to meet up with his ex on an unplanned date.

He may not have been expecting it, but being that he still has feelings for his ex, he chooses to flake on the date with you and meet her instead.

He is willing to take the risk of losing you in doing this because he has much stronger feelings for his ex.

There is a part of him that still wants to get back together with her.

However, there may also be a part that wants to let her go.

She tends to make this difficult because of her tendency to just pop back into his life unannounced.

He can’t help himself but let her back in because he still has feelings for her.

They may start courting each other again.

Perhaps they get back into a relationship.

However, the relationship doesn’t work out yet again and they breakup.

This is when all of a sudden he seeks you out and you hear from him.

He doesn’t like what he goes through emotionally whenever he has had yet another breakup with his ex.

In seeking you out after yet another breakup with her, he is able to temporarily forget about what he is going through.

The truth is, he is not truly emotionally available to you or anyone at this time.

He is still caught up in emotions for his ex that he is trying to deal with in the worst way.

In essence, he tries to find dates on a dating website in order to mask himself from those emotions and keep himself distracted.

As long as he uses you and other girls that he meets on a dating website as pawns, he will never truly be able to get over this ex and move forward into healthier romantic relationships.