Do You Think People Treat Online Dating Like It’s Just A Hobby Nowadays?

Do You Think People Treat Online Dating Like It's Just A Hobby Nowadays?

Some do.

They may have never started online dating with genuine intentions in the first place.

They may have simply signed up on an online dating site in order to fit in with what the rest of their friends were doing.

They may have started online dating in order to just see how much attention they were going to get.

In other words, they may simply have wanted to use it as an ego boost.

Hence, they had a lackadaisical approach to it like one would a hobby that they do from time to time and treated it as such.

Sometimes, as these people continue online dating, they may actually meet someone online that takes them by surprise.

In essence, though they may have been treating it as a hobby from the start and expected only to perhaps boost their ego thanks to the attention they hope to receive on it, they may actually meet someone on there that suddenly interests them.

They weren’t necessarily looking for it, but there it is.

Now all of a sudden, their interest in this person is piqued and they want to know more.

They begin to communicate with this person a lot more than they normally communicate with others on the online dating site.

This is really surprising them as they are even noticing that there is some emotional attachment beginning to develop.

They find themselves happy when this person sends them a message and unhappy when this person hasn’t or hasn’t responded to the last message they sent sooner.

They start wondering what that person is doing and if that person is thinking about them.

The emotional attachment becomes stronger and stronger until they realize that they really want to meet this person in the real world.

At this point, they are no longer treating online dating like a hobby.

They are actually fully engaged now.

They are actually using the online dating website on a more regular basis so that they can stay in touch with this person that they are really beginning to develop feelings for online.

This being said, there are other people who started online dating with no real interest in taking it seriously who continue to stay in that mindset even after they have had a few correspondences with people on the online dating website.

These are not always people who were available to date anyway.

They may have really had no intention to find someone to date online.

Some of them may even be in actual relationships in the real world or there may be someone that they are talking to on a romantic level in the real world.

Hence, they start online dating to either kill boredom while they try to figure out how this real world relationship is going to go or they use it to boost their ego in order to feel better about themselves and their situation.

You will be able to spot people who are just treating online dating as a hobby.

They will often not really want to get to know you more as a person and will only ask very unsubstantial questions when they interact with you online.

Their communication with you will also be in spurts.

They may be really consistent one week and completely disappear the next.

If what you want is to find someone who is serious about dating, it’s best to avoid people like this.