Done With Online Dating…How Can I Get Back Into The Normal Dating World?

Done With Online Dating...How Can I Get Back Into The Normal Dating World?

Before jumping ship, it may be wise to ask yourself about why you feel this way.

If you got into online dating believing that it was going to be easy, you have now been met with a rude awakening.

Oftentimes, people get to where you are at now because they thought that online dating would be an easy road to romance and love.

You forget that the same people that may have disappointed you when you were dating in the real world are the same people that you will meet online.

Even though online dating is within a cyberspace medium, you are still dealing with regular human beings on the other end.

People often make the mistake of thinking that just because they are online dating, whoever is on the other side is automatically going to be everything that they have ever wanted in a person.

They create these fantasies in their minds of their perfect match and go about online dating with that image in mind.

They are often met with disappointment and decide to do what you are thinking about doing now in getting back into the normal dating world.

You must understand that online dating was never supposed to be easy.

You are still going to meet imperfect people on the other side.

Also understand that you are also imperfect.

You may be done with online dating because of some negative experiences that you have had, but understand that the others who disappointed you may have also been disappointed in you.

In other words, they may have had the exact same dream that you did and are now disappointed that you didn’t turn out to be the perfect person either.

You really need to process all of this before considering getting back into the normal dating world.

Some dating prospects in the normal dating world are no different from those that you will meet online.

Online dating has helped to provide a cover so that they can hide what their true personalities are, but in the end, it all comes out.

It may just take a little longer for it to come out when you are dealing with someone that you met in cyberspace.

You need to take that understanding with you into what you are considering to be the normal dating world.

You will still meet people who have ulterior motives in the normal dating world.

You will still meet people who will take advantage of you in the normal dating world.

If you want to get back into the normal dating world and have a better experience than you did while online dating, you need to decipher the right kind of people from the bad.

That requires that you show patience in your interactions with dates that you meet in the real world.

You shouldn’t have lofty expectations nor should you believe that you are the perfect match either.

Remember that no one is perfect.

When you are able to come to grasp with all of this and operate out of a place of rationality, you may have better success meeting your match in the normal dating world.

Go to social events and parties.

Join organizations that mean something to you and you may find others who have the same passion.

Go to parks on busy days and introduce yourself to your fellow neighbors.

The more social you are, the more likely you will meet others to date in the normal dating world.