How To Get In Touch With Support On A Dating App?

How To Get In Touch With Support On A Dating App?

As technologically advanced as many dating apps are, it’s puzzling when you struggle to figure out how to get in touch with support.

With all the bells and whistles on a dating app, it’s peculiar that in the area of getting in touch with support, you are left pulling your hair out.

You and me both.

As someone who has used dating apps in the past, I have run into this issue.

Getting in touch with support costs money, and dating apps want to save as much of that as they can.

In this vain, they don’t make it too convenient to get in touch with their support department.

This being said, as long as it is a reputable dating app, there are ways to get in touch with support.

For one, look to the top or bottom of the website to see whether there is support information.

Sometimes, it’s tricky to see this information when it is amid a bunch of print.

Look for a customer service phone number or email address.

Where there is an absence of this, look for text links with words like, “Customer Support,” “Customer Service,” “Contact,” “Contact Us,” etc.

When you click through, there is a form to fill out, a phone number to call, or an email to send your inquiry to.

In a scenario where there is no direct avenue to get in touch with support at the top or bottom of the dating app’s website, look for a social media handle.

Commercial websites have social media.

Send a direct message (DM) with your inquiry to the dating app’s social media handle.

Someone in customer relations should respond to your direct message.

Alright, in the unlikely event you haven’t seen any contact information at the top or bottom of the dating app, do an online search for a customer service number.

Where that fails, do an online search for the dating app’s physical address.

Commercial websites have physical addresses.

A headquarters.

Write a letter with your inquiry and send it to this physical address.

I know, with the advent of digital technology, it feels weird to write words on a paper, place said paper into an envelope, and mail it to a physical address.

Thankfully, the old fashioned way of getting in touch hasn’t completely died.

Post offices mail letters, not just delivery packages.

These are avenues to get in touch with support on a dating app.

Here is a quick caveat.

Get into the habit of checking to see whether a dating app has a good reputation for customer support before signing up on it.

Dating apps with a bad reputation in customer support have a tendency to make your life hell should you have an issue arise.

On a fateful day where you desperately need customer support to address an identity theft issue or an unauthorized financial charge issue, your life is made a lot less stressful when you are on a dating app that has a good reputation with customer support.