Online Dating: Matched With A Guy Who Is Heavier Than His Pictures?

Online Dating: Matched With A Guy Who Is Heavier Than His Pictures?

There was a sudden wave of disappointment that inundated you when you met him on a first date and he was heavier than the pictures on his dating profile.

The pictures on his dating profile were apparently from when he was much lighter and fitter.

Seeing that he was much heavier than what you were expecting, the build up of anticipation was expunged.

Although you had gotten to know him on a dating app before meeting him in person, the goodwill that had been established with him took a massive hit when you saw him.

While at the date, you did everything in your power to overlook his heavier weight.

Shockingly, as the date progressed, he was just as charming as he had been on the dating app.

His personality was similar.

This is what compelled you to try to ignore that he was heavier.

Nonetheless, try as you did, the disappointment of his heavier weight stuck like glue in your mind.

You aren’t shallow.

It’s not like you are the embodiment of Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty.

That being said, you aren’t heavy and you were expecting him to look like he did in his dating profile photos.

There were moments during the date that you were tempted to ask him why he posted pictures of himself from a period where he was much fitter.

You almost got the words out a few times, but you stopped yourself.

As a person who is polite to a fault, you couldn’t bring yourself to say it.

Besides, he was so nice and pleasant and fun to talk to.

You didn’t want to ruin the date by asking him about his weight.

And like you tend to do, you started giving excuses for him in your mind.

You told yourself that he hadn’t been misleading in his pictures at all, and that it was your fault that you didn’t give his pictures a closer look.

Further excuses about how he must have forgotten to update his pictures came to mind.

Additionally, you attempted to convince yourself that those pictures were taken at a better time in his life before running into hard times.

Being that humans find comfort in food, he gained weight during these hard times and was too ashamed to post the latest pictures of himself after having gained weight.

Excuses, excuses.

You sat there at the date giving excuses as to why he was heavier than his pictures.

This kept you from coming to terms with the reality that he misled you into believing that he was much fitter.

Sometimes, you are too nice for your own good, and you know it.

Family and friends have told you as much.

You give people too much of a pass.

The truth is, you know that his weight is an issue.

After the first date, even though it ended up being a lot of fun, you went home with a dark cloud hanging over your head.

You knew that you were grappling with his weight as you washed your makeup off and prepared for bed.

Let me step in.

Forget about being nice.

He is a grown-up.

He is responsible for his diet.

In consciously choosing to mislead you into thinking that he is fitter than he is, his duplicitous character has been exposed.

It doesn’t matter how charming he is.

A guy who is this comfortable in misrepresenting his physicality is capable of doing worse.

Basically, he isn’t trustworthy.

It’s not your job to have empathy for someone who chose to be misleading, regardless of how much of a nice guy he seemingly is.

The truth is, you shouldn’t keep venturing out on dates with him.

This never leads to a happy place.

You would be leading him on, forcing yourself to believe that if you go out on enough dates with him, you could live with his excess weight.

This isn’t realistic.

And no, he won’t miraculously wake up one morning, decide to lose weight, and take the actions necessary to achieve this goal.

If he wanted to do this, he would have done so already.

Count your losses and let this guy go.