I Met This Girl On An Online Dating Site And She Has Added Me On Facebook. Is This A Good Sign Of Her Liking Me?

I Met This Girl On An Online Dating Site And She Has Added Me On Facebook. Is This A Good Sign Of Her Liking Me?

Adding you on Facebook isn’t necessarily a good sign of her liking you.

Girls add guys on Facebook all the time.

You are not the only one that she has met on the online dating site that she has probably done this with.

Being that she has a Facebook, there is a good chance that she enjoys being social.

Thereby, she may not consider it that much of a big deal to add a guy on Facebook.

In other words, the fact that she added you on Facebook doesn’t mean that you are anything special.

If she is a social type of person, she would like to have more people as friends.

That was probably partly her reason for opening up a Facebook account in the first place.

Though you originally met her on an online dating site, adding you on Facebook is not necessarily a good sign of her liking you.

She may have liked your personality on the online dating site and may have decided that you would be a fun person to add on Facebook.

It wouldn’t hurt to add another friend after all.

Now, this being said, there may still be some romantic hopes on her part.

She may not be entirely sure about whether you would be a guy that she would want to date, but she may still feel some attraction towards you.

In adding you on Facebook, she is most likely going to observe how you behave.

In essence, by adding you on Facebook she may be testing you.

She may want to see how you interact with her.

She may have tried adding other guys that she met on the online dating site on Facebook and they may have failed the test.

They may not have impressed her in any way after she added them on Facebook.

They may have simply behaved in the same way that all of her other Facebook friends do. As a result, she decided to only look at them as friends and nothing more.

Being that she has only recently added you on Facebook, she may not have relegated you to the friend zone yet.

She will most likely watch what you do from here on out.

She may want you to impress her.

Most guys make the mistake of simply becoming yet another follower when they are added on Facebook by a girl.

You shouldn’t make this mistake.

Again, the fact that she added you on Facebook is not necessarily a good sign of her liking you, but it may be a sign that she is testing you and wants to see what you do with this opportunity.

How you behave as her friend on Facebook could determine whether she chooses to start liking you or not.

Again, you shouldn’t fall into the trap of becoming just another follower.

You should consistently message her on Facebook and make sure that you flirt and tease her in your conversations.

You should focus on asking her questions about herself.

You can make fun of her from time to time as she reveals more to you about her life but do so in a fun and lighthearted way.

Avoid “liking” the pictures that she posts on Facebook.

Make it a point not to do that.

Doing so will make you become a follower just like all the other guys that she has as friends on Facebook.

You would not be setting yourself apart in any way if you do what they do.

Just focus on having regular conversations with her on Facebook where you ask her questions and also flirt and tease her.

At some point, she is going to ask you about why you never “like” her pictures.

This is when you know that she is beginning to like you.

She actually cares about the fact that you aren’t “liking” her pictures.

She is noticing this behavior because it goes against what all the other guys are doing.

You can take this opportunity to tell her that it takes a lot for you to like a picture.

You have now planted the seed of competition in her mind.

She may start posting more pictures than usual just so that she can get an approval from you.

This is how you get her to become that much more invested in her interaction with you on Facebook.

You should ask her out on a date relatively soon after she starts behaving in this way.

She will most likely agree to it because she will feel the need to impress you in real life, being that you are so hard to please.

You have successfully set yourself apart from all of her other guy followers and she may now see you as someone that she has to do some work to catch.

In essence, you would be a challenge.

Girls love a challenge when it comes to love and romance.