I Set My Grandma Up On A Dating App And It Is Her Very First Time Online Dating After Many Years Of Being Single?

I Set My Grandma Up On A Dating App And It Is Her Very First Time Online Dating After Many Years Of Being Single?

Before setting her up on a dating app, talk to your grandma about what she is looking for in a partner.

Your choice of dating apps needs to be one that meets her needs.

She wants a partner that meets her needs.

Online dating can be intimidating enough for your grandma, let alone if you were to make the mistake of setting her up on a dating app that isn’t right for her.

Be patient and talk to her about what it is that she is looking for in a partner.

What hobbies does he have?

What are his politics?

What is his educational and professional background?

Where did he grow up?

What is his relationship like with his family?

Does she care if he has grandkids or not?

Does she care about his health and other disabilities he might have?

If your grandma is fairly active, she may not want to be matched with men who aren’t or who are severely hampered by disabilities due to their advanced age.

These and more are questions that you should ask your grandma about the partner she is looking for.

Once she has told you all that, take some time doing some research into dating apps that would best suit her needs.

Don’t make the mistake of setting her up on a dating app simply due to its popularity and size.

Your choice of a dating app for her should be based on what she told you about the partner that she is looking for.

This means that the dating app you end up signing her up on isn’t always going to be the most popular or familiar.

What matters most is that you set her up on a dating app that meets her needs.

Your choice of dating app shouldn’t only be relegated to the type of partner that she wants to meet, you should choose a dating app that is easy to use and navigate.

Getting her to try online dating for the very first time after many years of being single is intimidating enough, don’t make it any harder by setting her up on a dating app that is hard to use or navigate.

You are used to the technology of today.

It has become second nature to you.

Your grandma is of a totally different generation.

She is nowhere near as savvy as you are with technology.

It is easy to get lost in how easy it is for you and forget that your grandma is not going to be as fluid as you are in using technology.

The easier it is for her to use the dating app, the higher the likelihood that your grandma will stick with online dating.

If you set her up on a dating app that is even moderately hard to use or navigate, she is going to get frustrated.

That frustration easily leads to her giving up on online dating altogether without giving it a fair shot.

Reduce the chances of that happening by setting her up on a dating app that is easy to use and navigate.

Now that you have set her up on a dating app that is specific to the type of partner she wants and is easy to use and navigate, you should help her take really good photos of herself.

Older men in her age range still want to see attractive photos of a potential match.

She probably hasn’t taken any individual photos of herself in years and whatever individual photos she does have are too old.

She needs recent photos of herself.

Get her in some attractive environments that speak to her lifestyle and take some good photos of her smiling and having a good time.

Take good photos of her while she is engaged in her hobbies.

These are photos that showcase her lifestyle and personality.

They go a long way in attracting the right partner to her.

Help your grandma write her bio.

It should be filled with her personality and some fun short stories about some of her experiences.

Let her dictate it to you while you write it.

You need to make this process as easy on your grandma as possible.

If she feels like someone is guiding and helping her through the process, it is much easier for her to stick to online dating.

You absolutely need to inform her about scammers.

Scammers on dating apps prey on the elderly as they aren’t as tech savvy and knowledgeable about online predators as younger generations.

Give her a list of red flags to always be on the lookout for when chatting to someone on a dating app.

Telltale signs of a scammer is when there is a lot of bad grammar in their dating profile and in the messages that they send to your grandma.

This indicates that they aren’t native and are even using online language translators to construct their dating profile which often aren’t very accurate in direct translation.

A scammer wants to quickly get your grandma to start communicating with them away from the dating app.

They will quickly direct her to another app, phone number, email, website, etc., to continue their chats.

Once they have built some trust with your grandma, a scammer asks for money.

It starts with a small to medium amount and an excuse.

Some of their excuses:

– A family member of theirs needs emergency surgery or is sick.

– They need the money to help pay for a family member’s funeral.

– They just received an unexpected hospital bill.

– Someone stole their money and they have no money to pay their bills for the month.

– They are from the US but overseas for business or serving with the military. They use that premise to get your grandma to send them money by telling her some lies about being short on money or having a business venture fail.

– Wants to visit and see your grandma but is short on money for travel but will pay her back upon their arrival.

– Are very specific about the methods in which they want your grandma to send them the money. Some methods make it harder for your grandma to get her funds back, such as sending money via Western Union.

It is normally a sob story.

The amount of money requested grows larger over time as the scammer continues to build trust with your grandma by deceitfully making her believe that he loves her.

Inform your grandma about all of this so that she isn’t caught in the deceitful web of one or more of these scammers.

Tell her to be patient with online dating.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Most grandmas don’t meet their knight in shining armor overnight.

Set her expectations to do online dating for a sustained period of time.

She should be open to initiating contact with men that she finds interesting on the dating app.

Your grandma could still be stuck in the mindset that the man is the one who initiates.

Let her know that there is nothing wrong with initiating contact with men that she finds interesting on a dating app.

Technology has changed the rules when it comes to courtship in some significant ways.

Although most men still do the approaching both online and in real life, dating apps have made a lot more women willing to make that first move.

You get what you give in online dating.

If she is willing to put out the effort in being proactive, she has a better chance of finding her best match a lot sooner.